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Wireless Exit Stopper Door Alarm and 8 Channel Receiver Pack

Discontinued Product

This product has been discontinued.

Product Overview

Containing a wireless exit stopper door alarm and an 8 channel receiver, this wireless alert series start up pack helps to deter unauthorised use of an emergency exit door and allows for device monitoring at a single location. If the protected exit door is opened, the wireless exit stopper sounds a loud 105dB warning horn and sends a radio signal to the 8 channel receiver. Monitoring staff are alerted to the triggered device via an LED and an optional audible indicator from the receiver. The supplied exit stopper is suitable for single door applications; however the 8 channel receiver is capable of monitoring up to 8 different wireless devices.

  • Start-up pack contains 1 x wireless exit stopper door alarm (single door) and 1 x 8 channel receiver
  • A maximum of 8 different wireless devices can be monitored by the receiver
  • Devices that can be linked to the receiver are:
  • 300m/1000ft (line of sight) radio-frequency range
  • Exit stopper sounds a 105dB warning horn and sends a signal to the receiver when activated
  • Receiver provides visual LED and optional audible indication when triggered
  • 8 LEDs allow the user to identify which device has been activated
  • Allows monitoring of wireless devices from a single location
  • Designed to help deter unauthorised use of emergency exit doors
  • Suitable for single door applications
  • Wireless exit stopper has 95dB and 105dB alarm volumes to choose from
  • 8 channel receiver can be wall mounted on a flat surface or left free standing
Technical Data
Product Code ST6400PK
Brand STI Europe

Wireless Exit Stopper: 137x51mm

8 Channel Receiver: 130x140x30mm

Operating Temperature

0 °C to +49 °C

Power Type

Wireless Exit Stopper: 9V DC alkaline battery operated

8 Channel Receiver: 12V adapter (3 pin plug)

Radio Linking Frequency


Radio-Frequency Range

300m/1000ft (line of sight)

Weight 1.55kg

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