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Rollo Roll-Out Ladder for Dormer Windows

Discontinued Product

This product has been discontinued.

Product Overview

The Rollo Roll-Out Ladder is the most versatile of mobile escape ladders. It has adjustable hooks spanning any wall from 9 inches wall-thickness up to a wall-thickness of just over 20 inches and can be applied from almost any type of window. The ladder has a fire resistant backing-sheet which allows the ladder to unroll safely over slanted roofs, uneven surfaces and protruding features like canopies. Distance pieces keep the rungs safely off the wall and give you an excellent foothold. The ladder can be rolled up neatly and stored in a wardrobe or similar.

  • 100% tangle-free due to the backing sheet
  • The fire escape ladder deploys easily and quickly by unrolling rather than sliding
  • The hooks locate safely on the wall without placing a load on the window sill.
  • Can be clamped over a radiator
  • With this fire escape ladder you can practise the escape procedure with all your family. Simply roll up the ladder after use.
  • Easy storage
  • Packaged box dimensions (HxWxD): 400x410x330mm
  • Carries up to 450kg (992lb)
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Available in two lengths:
    • 4.3m (14ft) - Suitable for two storey building
    • 7.0m (23ft) - Suitable for three storey buildings
  • Weight 4.3m (14ft): 9.5kg; 7.0m (23ft): 11.5kg
  • Rungs are 330mm (13 inch) wide approx
  • Adjustable hooks - suitable for walls up to just over 510mm (20 inches) thick
  • Safelincs EXCLUSIVE 5 Year Warranty
  • Please note:
    • Maximum external windowsill overhang 127mm (5 inch)
    • Maximum height of frame at bottom of window frame 30mm (1.18 inches)
    • The escape ladder hooks have to be assembled on receipt of the ladder
    • Minimum height of wall outside of window 458mm (18 inches)

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Additional Information

Easy Storage, Lightweight & Quick to Use. Its compact size makes it easy to store under your bed or in a cupboard. In an emergency, the Rollo Roll-Out can be set up in seconds - just position it over the wall below the window and release the ladder.

Upon receipt of your ladder you will need to assemble the hooks and set them to the thickness of your wall. This is only required during initial assembly. Place the ladder over the sill/wall and pull the red toggle. The ladder will unroll and is immediately useable.

The Rollo ladder can be attached and deployed in seconds                  The deployed Rollo Roll-Out Ladder

Please note1: The hooks on the Rollo Roll-Out ladder require a minimum 458mm (18 inches) of vertical wall outside of your Dormer window to securely brace against. If your Dormer window opens directly onto the slope of your roof, please try our EasyScape Fire Escape Ladder for Dormer

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Please note2: The maximum height of the bottom section of your window frame is 30mm (please see measurement A shown below). If your Dormer window window frame is higher than 30mm, please try our EasyScape Fire Escape Ladder for Dormer

Bottom of Frame Height

Technical Data
Product Code

4.3m (14ft):  FSRLL15D

7.0m (23ft):  FSRLL25D

Brand Fire Safety Supplies

FSRLL15D: 10kg

FSRLL25D: 14kg

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