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Recessed Slimline Fire Exit Sign With Self-Test (Fire Exit Sign Blade) - FMPR/ST

FMPR/ST - Recessed Slimline Fire Exit Sign With Self-Test

Discontinued Product

This product has been discontinued.

Product Overview

The FMPR/ST with self-test is a recessed, low profile, escape route sign blade suitable for interior applications. The legend is illuminated through a diffuser which also acts as a down-lighter to provide additional lighting. The FMPR/ST units are suitable for internal or external environments and incorporation into emergency lighting systems complying with BS 5266-1:2011.

Please Note: Lighting products available on a lead time are made to order and as such cannot be returned.

Typical Applications

Typical applications for the FMPR/ST light with self-test include hotels, corridors, art galleries and offices etc.

Technical Data
Product Code
Non-maintained, White, Arrow Down RL-FMPR8NM/ST
Non-maintained, White, Arrow Left / Right RL-FMPR8NM/ST/LR
Non-maintained, Chrome, Arrow Down RL-FMPR8NM/ST/CH
Non-maintained, Chrome, Arrow Left / Right RL-FMPR8NM/ST/CH/LR
Non-maintained, Brass, Arrow Down RL-FMPR8NM/ST/BR
Non-maintained, Brass, Arrow Left / Right RL-FMPR8NM/ST/BR/LR
Maintained, White, Arrow Down RL-FMPR8M/ST
Maintained, White, Arrow Left / Right RL-FMPR8M/ST/LR
Maintained, Chrome, Arrow Down RL-FMPR8M/ST/CH
Maintained, Chrome, Arrow Left / Right RL-FMPR8M/ST/CH/LR
Maintained, Brass, Arrow Down RL-FMPR8M/ST/BR
Maintained, Brass, Arrow Left / Right RL-FMPR8M/ST/BR/LR
Brand Ringtail Lighting
Backup Duration

3 Hours

Battery Type

2.4V 4Ah

Dimensions (HxWxD)

Cut Out For Fitting: 380x120mm

Complete Unit : 170x430x150mm

Lamp Type

8W T5

Light Output

100 Lumens

Power Consumption

Maintained: 20W

Non-maintained: 8W


RL-FMPR8NM/ST: 1.75kg

RL-FMPR8NM/ST/LR: 1.75kg

RL-FMPR8NM/ST/CH: 1.75kg


RL-FMPR8NM/ST/BR: 1.75kg


RL-FMPR8M/ST: 2.0kg

RL-FMPR8M/ST/LR: 2.0kg

RL-FMPR8M/ST/CH: 2.0kg


RL-FMPR8M/ST/BR: 2.0kg


Product Datasheets

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