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Recessed Emergency Fire Exit Sign (Fire Exit Blade) Slave Unit - MPR/SL

MPR/SL - Recessed Emergency Fire Exit Sign (Fire Exit Blade) Slave Unit

Discontinued Product

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available to buy.

Product Overview

The MPR/SL slave unit is a decorative, edge illuminated emergency fire exit sign suitable for interior applications. Slave units differ from maintained/non-maintained units in that they have no internal backup battery. Instead these units are powered by a bank of batteries centrally located within a building. MPR/SL signs are recessed units and are suitable for internal or external environments and for incorporation into emergency lighting systems complying with BS 5266-1:2011.

Please note: Lighting products available on a lead time are made to order and as such cannot be returned.

Typical Applications

Typical applications for the MPR/SL emergency fire exit sign slave unit include offices, hotels, art galleries, corridors etc.

Technical Data
Product Code
Arrow Down, 24V AC/DC RL-MPR8/SL/24
Arrow Down, 50V AC/DC RL-MPR8/SL/50
Arrow Down, 110V AC/DC RL-MPR8/SL/110
Arrow Left, 24V AC/DC RL-MPR8/SL/24/LR
Arrow Left, 50V AC/DC RL-MPR8/SL/50/LR
Arrow Left, 110V AC/DC RL-MPR8/SL/110/LR
Arrow Right, 24V AC/DC RL-MPR8/SL/24/LR
Arrow Right, 50V AC/DC RL-MPR8/SL/50/LR
Arrow Right, 110V AC/DC RL-MPR8/SL/110/LR
Brand Ringtail Lighting
Dimensions (HxWxD)

Cut Out For Fitting: 75x380x120mm

Legend Protrusion: 180x325x10mm

Complete Unit: 255x425x150mm

Lamp Type

8W T5

Light Output

270 Lumens

Power Consumption

7 - 20V

Weight 1.50kg
Product Datasheets

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