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PFP for Furniture

Safelincs operates an open fire safety forum where fire safety questions are answered by professionals. One of the most consistently popular topics within our forum is fire protection in relation to furniture.

Taking the topics raised in our forum as a starting point, we have created the following help sections to not only address the commonly asked questions, but also to go a step further and provide a definitive guide to fire safety relating to furniture.

Furniture Overview

More info about Furniture Overview

An introduction to the fire safety issues surrounding furniture and the legislation involved.

Furniture Labelling

More info about Furniture Labelling

A guide explaining the roles of the various fire safety labels found on upholstered furniture.

Selling Furniture

More info about Selling Furniture

Details regarding the legal obligations of furniture retailers and how they affect private sales.

Wooden, Antique and Outdoor Furniture

More info about Wooden, Antique and Outdoor Furniture

Information about specific types of furniture that can be exempt from the standard legislation.

Furniture in Rented Properties

More info about Furniture in Rented Properties

Clarification regarding the fire safety responsibilities for furniture in rented properties.

Non-Domestic Upholstered Furniture

More info about Non-Domestic Upholstered Furniture

Details of the standards and requirements relating to non-domestic upholstered furniture.


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