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Passive Fire Protection Help and Advice

Effective management of passive fire protection (PFP) is one of the most important aspects of fire safety both in the home, and in commercial or public buildings.

We have created a series of targeted guides to help you explore passive fire protection from your perspective. Whether you want to learn more about PFP legislation in relation to your business, or have a question regarding the required labelling on second hand furniture, this help section has been designed to answer your questions.

What is Passive Fire Protection (PFP)

More info about What is Passive Fire Protection (PFP)

Passive fire protection is a term that is used to refer to a wide variety of products and processes. This guide introduces the core concepts and product types to be discussed throughout this help section.

Building Regulations for PFP

More info about Building Regulations for PFP

An overview of the regulations that govern the implementation of passive fire protection within construction.


What is fire compartmentalisation? Passive fire protection explained

An introduction to the concept of compartmentalisation, and the various methods employed to achieve this effect.

Intumescent Material

What is intumescent material?

A beginner’s guide to one of the core materials used in passive fire protection, and the products in which it can be found.

PFP for Furniture

More info about PFP for Furniture

A detailed overview of passive fire protection in relation to furniture with a variety of subsections covering specific issues.

PFP for Bedding and Curtains

More info about PFP for Bedding and Curtains

An overview of the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations as they relate to bedding and curtains.

Legislation and Standards

More info about PFP Legislation and Standards

A breakdown of the legislation and recommended standards that underpin current passive fire protection guidance.


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