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Wet Chemical P50 Service-Free Fire Extinguishers

P50 wet chemical fire extinguishers are designed specifically to tackle Class F cooking fires involving oils, fats, and other flammable ingredients which are used in large quantities or burn at especially high temperatures, such as deep fat fryers. Compared to other types of extinguisher, wet chemical units discharge at a very low pressure in order to avoid splashing flaming liquids and spreading fires further or causing harm to the user.

Britannia's P50 range of fire extinguishers have been designed for a long 10 year service-free life, after which they can be refurbished for a further 10 year lifespan. They are durable, weatherproof, corrosion-resistant, and do not need an expensive annual service by a trained extinguisher engineer.

P50 Service-Free Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers

P50 service-free wet chemical fire extinguishers can save you money as they only need an annual visual inspection by one of your team and do not require servicing by a 3rd party engineer.

  • Save over 50% on your extinguisher servicing and maintenance costs
  • Superior fire ratings, can reduce the number of extinguishers you need
  • Suitable for use on Class A, Class B and Class C fires and live electrical equipment up to 1000 Volts
  • 10-year guarantee and a 20-year lifespan
  • CE marked and Kitemarked to BS EN3 by BSI

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