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P50 Fire Extinguisher Case Studies

Case Study: Darwin Escapes

The Customer

With 24 holiday resorts across the UK, Darwin Escapes offers quality, award-winning facilities at a variety of destinations. Catering for short stay holidays and holiday home owners, their beautiful resorts provide caravans and lodges of a very high standard. Their resort facilities vary, with some including a golf course, swimming pool, or spa.

darwin escapes lodge

The Challenge

With an expanding operation, Darwin Escapes required fire extinguisher solutions for each new holiday park prior to opening. Each resort had different requirements based on the park’s facilities and design.

The Solution

A qualified member of the Safelincs team visited each site to conduct a survey before compiling a list of requirements and providing a quotation. Once approved, our team worked to a deadline provided by Darwin Escapes to ensure their holiday resorts had the right level of fire extinguisher coverage prior to opening to the public.

Safelincs recommended P50 Service-free Fire Extinguishers as the best solution for Darwin Escapes. Service-free Extinguishers do not require annual servicing from a qualified engineer and so can offer substantial cost savings. The chemicals in P50 extinguishers also last twice as long as in traditional steel units, with each extinguisher lasting 10 years before a refill is required.

Foam P50 Extinguishers give better coverage than traditional steel extinguishers and are safe for use on electrical equipment. With optional anti-freeze additives for foam extinguishers and a completely weatherproof exterior casing, P50s are very versatile. One 6kg P50 Foam Extinguisher with added anti-freeze and one 6kg P50 Powder Extinguisher were installed at each fire point across the site, giving good coverage for any eventuality. P50 Wet Chemical Extinguishers were located in commercial kitchen facilities. Each caravan or lodge was fitted with a smaller P50 fire extinguisher.

The Benefit

Darwin Escapes will benefit from substantial cost savings over the ten-year life of the P50 extinguishers, with the possibility to refill after 10 years for a further 10 years of use (20 years in total). Due to better coverage from P50 extinguishers, fewer units were also required than with traditional extinguishers, providing a further cost-saving.

Mark Kennedy, Head of Commercial Procurement & Development at Darwin Escapes commented 'Safelincs' recommendation of the P50 extinguisher has greatly reduced both upfront purchase cost and operational cost. The functionality and versatility of the P50 provides confidence in deployment across all areas of our business.'


Case Study – Famous Theme Park

Ferris wheel

The Customer

Operating for over twenty years, this child-oriented theme park in Southern England is one of the most visited in Europe.

The Challenge

The theme park is always adding new attractions to enhance its reputation as a top-class theme park and the attraction opened in Spring 2019.

Safety at theme parks is paramount. As such, when equipping the new ride, the management wanted to install the latest in fire extinguisher technology.

The Solution

The client purchased 40 of the P50 foam extinguishers. These 100% non-corrosive appliances do not require maintenance by an extinguisher engineer or a discharge test over their entire ten year lifespan. In addition, the properties of the foam allow the use of the extinguishers on live electrical equipment up to 1000 V (at a distance of one metre).

After 10 years the extinguishers can be refurbished for another decade of service-free life. (At the end of their life they are recyclable). Manufactured in the UK, the extinguishers are Kitemarked by BSI to EN3.

The Benefit

Since P50 extinguishers only require a simple check each year, undertaken by one of the theme park’s employees, this not only represents a cost saving but provides flexibility, since the work can be carried out at a convenient time and without disruption to the running of the ride.

Because all materials used in the construction of the P50s are non-corrosive, there is no problem with them being installed in any exterior areas.


Case Study – Serpentine Green Shopping Centre

The Customer

Serpentine Green is a shopping centre located in the Hampton Hargate district of Southern Peterborough. When it opened in 1999, it hosted the largest Tesco in the UK (130,000 square feet). The centre comprises 34 shop units including branches of WHSmith, Next, Outfit, H&M, Boots as well as many branches of other national retailers.

It is part of the portfolio of leading UK commercial property company, British Land.

The Challenge

Serpentine Green needed to replace fire extinguishers internally and in its external bin and plant rooms. It was using several different types of extinguisher including water and CO2. This necessitated training staff in the use of the various appliances and the types of fire they were appropriate for use on.

Having one type of extinguisher in each area would simplify safety arrangements.

The Solution

Safelincs was able to recommend P50 service-free extinguishers. Due to their unique construction, these appliances are guaranteed for ten years during which time they will not require an engineer call-out. Made from a composite material, that will not rust or corrode, they only require an annual inspection which can be undertaken by one of Serpentine Green’s own employees. After ten years they can be refurbished and used for a further ten years.

The P50s have an extinguisher rating that far surpasses those of other appliances. They are also significantly lighter.

Safelincs supplied P50 foam extinguishers for the internal areas. These are suitable for use on class A solid combustible fires and liquefying plastics, creating a cooling blanket effect, smothering burning materials and preventing reignition. Importantly, they are safe for use on live electrical devices powered by up to 1000 Volt at a distance of one metre, replacing CO2 extinguishers for electrical equipment.

The powder versions are suitable for outdoor use on class A, B and C type fires and safe on electrical equipment. These were purchased for the shopping centre’s bin and plant rooms.

The Benefit

"There are both cost and logistical benefits," explained Steve Coulson, Operations Manager, Serpentine Green. "We have cut down on the number of extinguishers we need and, with only one type of extinguisher in each area, it is more straightforward for employees who would might be required to use them."

And, with no external maintenance required, there is a large saving on cost.


Case Study – iQ Student Accommodation

The Customer

iQ Student Accommodation provides student rooms in over 20 city centre locations across the UK, including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield, Oxford, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Bangor.

The Challenge

As a provider of student accommodation, it is incumbent upon iQ to ensure that all fire regulations are met and that adequate precautions are taken to ensure the safety of all residents.

Following the devastating fire at Grenfell Tower in June 2017, iQ undertook a proactive and comprehensive reassessment of its properties around the country – looking at all aspects of its fire and life safety policies and procedures to confirm that it had taken all possible steps to ensure the safety and wellbeing of residents and employees.

It had already been working with Safelincs, looking at the types of fire extinguishers being employed throughout its estate.

The Solution

Youth Centre

iQ has Manchester Fire and Rescue Service as its “Primary Authority” to ensure a consistent national approach to fire safety, with a role to ensure policies and procedures comply with or exceed current regulations. As a result it introduced a programme to replace water, foam and other fire extinguisher types with state-of-the-art water mist extinguishers.

The water mist technology used by these extinguishers allows them to produce over 22 billion water droplets from only 1 litre of water! The droplets are as small as 25 microns in diameter and create an ultra-fine mist which has superior fire-fighting capabilities. The patented nozzle creates water droplets unlike any other extinguisher, producing mist that leaves almost no trace and no collateral damage.

As a result these extinguishers are capable of tackling almost all common fires including class A, B, C, F type fires, as well as fires involving live electrical equipment of up to 1000V; the extinguishers contain de-ionised water which cannot conduct electricity. The unique water mist has the cooling effect of water and creates a "mist curtain", cutting off the oxygen supply to the fire. The droplets are so small that they have no adverse reaction on burning liquids and fats.

Safelincs have installed these extinguishers on the landings and in communal areas in over 20 iQ properties to date. Some of the sites have over 400 student bedrooms.

The Benefit

These extinguishers will successfully tackle any type of fire that might break out in this type of accommodation.

"iQ have staff in each building 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” explained Alison Hollands, Health and Safety Manager. “They have all been trained to operate these appliances. In a rushed situation they no longer have to worry about which appliance to grab as one extinguisher will cover all eventualities."

Now staff and users of PYCO can move about the building freely, staff are able to monitor all the rooms adequately and fire safety regulations are adhered to.


Case Study – Meadowhall

The Customer

Meadowhall is a large indoor retail centre on the outskirts of Sheffield. It covers 1.5 million square feet of floor space and features 230 stores from top independent and international brands, 50 places to eat and drink and an 11 screen cinema. It has 12,000 free parking spaces, directly accessed via road, rail and tram.

Meadowhall logo

The Challenge

In Autumn 2015, a two-year £60m refurbishment programme began. The new Meadowhall is smarter, brighter and more vibrant, with more natural light. The overhaul has made it easier for customers to find their way around the centre - and is visually much more pleasing. The centre has been split into four districts, each with a different look and feel.

As part of the refurbishment programme, Lee Bennett, Health and Safety Manager, carried out a review of existing fire precautions across the centre. This included reviewing the number and type of fire extinguishers.

The Solution

Meadowhall took the decision to replace all the steel extinguishers in the centre with 75 of the P50 foam extinguishers. These service-free appliances are proving increasingly popular due to their unique construction. During their 10-year guaranteed life, they never require a service by a service technician nor a refill after five years. Made from a composite material, that will not rust or corrode; they only require an annual inspection which can be undertaken by one of Meadowhall’s own employees. After ten years they can be refurbished and used for a further ten years.


"As with all our purchases, we put it out to tender," commented Lee. "Safelincs impressed us with their knowledge and professionalism. And there was no hard sell. They carried out a free site survey and gave us a free quote."

The Benefit

The use of the powerful P50 foam extinguishers, which can be used safely on electrical equipment (max 1000V and 1m safety distance), has reduced the number of extinguishers in the centre by about 40%. The foam P50 extinguisher is versatile and can be used on all the likely types of fire that would be found in a retail environment.

The massive cost savings brought about by not requiring external engineer servicing and by reducing the number of extinguishers was not Lee’s only consideration, though.

"Security continues to be a major factor at Meadowhall," he said. "Being able to maintain these in house enables us to reduce the number of external contractors we need to allow on to site into restricted areas."


Case Study – An Electricity and Transmission Company

The Customer

An electricity distribution and transmission company that carries electricity to more than three and a half million homes and businesses across large parts of the UK. Over 4,000 people are employed across the country.

The Challenge

With a large mobile workforce, the company’s health and safety team needed to ensure that each of its vans was fitted with a compact, practical fire extinguisher. Since the vans are in constant use across the country it was very difficult to carry out traditional annual extinguisher servicing on the units.

The 2kg P50 service-free powder extinguisher is ideal for vans and buses

The Solution

The company chose the recently-introduced compact 2kg powder version of the highly acclaimed Britannia P50. Kitemarked to the latest British Standard, the extinguisher does not require an annual service carried out by an external extinguisher servicing technician. Instead it is inspected by the company’s own staff during the regular vehicle service. The extinguisher does not require a refill after 5 years and has a 10 year warranty. After 10 years it is factory refurbished to achieve further 10 years use. Its rugged construction, that utilises a composite material rather than metal, means it will not rust or corrode.

The Benefit

With the vans constantly on the road, servicing standard extinguishers would have been costly and inconvenient. Since P50 service-free extinguishers only require a simple annual check; this purely visual inspection can be carried out by the company’s own staff during routine vehicle services.


Case Study – Turville Grange

The Customer

Turville Grange, near Henley in Oxfordshire, is the country retreat of an influential American family. The estate covers several sites including a large regency style house and is used by the family as a residence for around six months of the year. It is looked after by seven full time staff.

The building has an interesting history with visitors that have included Jacqueline Kennedy and Noel Coward.

The Challenge

A listed building, built in the late eighteenth century, Turville Grange has high running costs and every effort is made to reduce expenses.

One of the costs is fire safety; fire extinguishers are spread across the property and, over and above the initial outlay, the cost of having them serviced annually was a drain on the maintenance budget. Through a chance acquaintance, Safelincs was recommended as a company that might be able to offer a more economical solution.


The Solution

Safelincs introduced the management at Turville Grange to the P50 service-free extinguishers. Manufactured entirely from materials that will not rust or corrode, these appliances do not require an external annual service; a simple yearly check, easily undertaken by one of the employees in the building, is all that is required. After ten years the extinguishers can be refilled and used for a further decade.

The Benefit

"Installing P50 appliances will save us hundreds of pounds in maintenance costs," said Adam Brimley, who manages the building. "In addition, Safelincs gave us invaluable advice on the placement of the extinguishers that enabled us to significantly reduce the number required.

"Safelincs were clearly more interested in giving us good service than selling us more extinguishers than we needed."


Case Study  –  Bournemouth University

The Customer

Bournemouth University was founded in 1992 as one of the ‘new universities’, although its origins date back to the early 1900s. The university currently has more than 17,000 students, including over 1,500 international students from around 130 countries.

Its main campus is situated in neighbouring Poole.

Bournemouth University

The Challenge

Fire extinguishers installed across the campus have to be regularly maintained and serviced – a financial and administrative burden. Was there any way in which the costs could be minimised?

The Solution

Safelincs undertook a free site survey and recommended P50 service-free extinguishers. These 100% non-corrosive appliances do not require maintenance by an extinguisher engineer or a discharge test over their entire 10 year lifespan. Instead, they only require an annual visual inspection by the university’s staff. After 10 years the extinguishers can be factory refurbished for another decade of service-free life. (At the end of their life they are 100% recyclable). Manufactured in the UK, the extinguishers are Kitemarked by BSI to EN3.

The facilities management team were quick to see the advantages of the P50 and a as result several hundred have been installed across the campus.

Included in the price was installation, extinguisher ID signs and brackets, the certification and a short training session to demonstrate to the staff involved how to undertake the simple yearly check.

The Benefit

"Whilst the P50s are more expensive than standard extinguishers, significant savings will be made due to us not having to bring in external engineers," explained Rick White, Maintenance Services Manager.

"The annual check is very straightforward and can be undertaken by our own people. All the administrative hassles of booking external maintenance are a thing of the past."


Case Study – A Public Independent Corporate Body

The Customer

This customer is an independent body corporate established to provide administrative support to public buildings in over 60 locations in Scotland.

The Challenge

Part of its administrative remit is to ensure that all locations remain safe for all those using them. This includes the provision of fire extinguishers.

The cost of providing these and, in particular their annual servicing, runs into hundreds of thousands of pounds. In the current economic climate there is pressure on all public services to cut costs and this organisation is no exception. Was there a way of reducing expenditure whilst maintaining adequate protection across all locations?

p50 foam and powder

The Solution

Whilst on a fire training course, the organisation’s corporate fire safety manager picked up a leaflet about the P50 Fire Extinguisher. This appliance is made from composite materials that will not rust or corrode; the contents are protected in a way that negates the requirement for an annual service to be undertaken by an external engineer. Instead, a simple yearly check can be carried out by an internal member of staff.

The fire safety manager immediately saw the possibility for extensive savings and contacted Safelincs to find out more.

Other advantages of the P50 soon became apparent. For a start the appliances are guaranteed for ten years and do not require refilling after five years. In addition, after ten years they can be refurbished and used for a further ten years.

He was convinced. Now, as extinguishers across the entire corporate estate come up for renewal, they are being replaced by P50s supplied by Safelincs.

The Benefit

Safelincs have undertaken site surveys with the organisation and in many cases were able to make recommendations that reduced the required number of extinguishers whilst maintaining equally effective cover.

Most P50s being installed are foam-filled. Unlike most foam used in extinguishers, it is safe to use on electrical fires (up to 1000V at 1m distance). This means that a single extinguisher can replace a water extinguisher and a CO2 appliance.

As a result the organisation is looking to save hundreds of thousands of pounds.


Case Study – High-class London Apartments

The Customer

An exclusive apartment complex in the heart of London

The Challenge

The complex consists of apartments that are amongst the most expensive in the capital. The impressive atrium and communal areas are equipped with stylish stainless steel fire extinguishers that reflect the sophisticated character of the building.

Due to the exclusive nature of the apartments, and the expectations of the owners, the annual servicing of the appliances needs to be undertaken discretely and 'invisibly'.

The Solution

Safelincs undertakes all servicing from its vehicle parked in the underground car park below the main building. Water containers are carried in the van to refill the water based extinguishers and waste water tanks in the van are utilised for storing the redundant extinguishing foam rather than pouring it into the drains.

In the operational rooms of the complex, which the distinguished owners do not see, service-free P50s have been installed. These more traditional-looking (red) extinguishers are manufactured from materials that will not rust or corrode so that the in-house maintenance staff can check them annually without recourse to external engineers. Unlike other extinguishers they do not need refilling after five years, and after ten can be refurbished and safely utilised for a further ten years.

The Benefit

All the servicing work is carried out without any inconvenience to the residents of the building. In fact they aren’t aware it is going on. Servicing costs for the back office extinguishers have been eliminated.

The Director of Engineering for the building commented: "Your technicians were excellent, a real credit and I would have no hesitation in recommending Safelincs in the future."


Case Study – Norwood

The Customer

With homes and flats across London, Hertfordshire and Berkshire, Norwood is giving adults with learning disabilities the support they need to choose where they live. In each property, housing support is available according to each person’s needs. Adults with learning disabilities can choose between sharing a house with 3-6 people, sharing a flat or living on their own. Norwood’s housing support staff meet the needs of the person or people living in the home or flat.


The Challenge

Norwood has to ensure that all its properties have adequate measures in place for safeguarding in the case of fire. This includes the provision of fire extinguishers.

These extinguishers currently have to be serviced annually – at considerable cost.

The Solution

Norwood became aware of the service-free P50 extinguishers which are constructed using a composite material that will not rust or corrode. They do not need servicing, as a simple annual check, which can be carried out by a member of the customer’s own staff, is all that is required. There is also no refill required after 5 years – P50s only need refilling after 10 years.

Safelincs have so far provided around 100 of the P50 extinguishers (mostly foam) to Norwood and is rolling out a replacement program across most of the properties.

The Benefit

Although P50s are slightly more expensive than conventional extinguishers, Norwood benefits from massive savings by not having to call in service engineers each year. After ten years the units can be refurbished and used for a further ten years.

Unlike most foam extinguishers, P50s contains a type of foam that is safe to use on most electrical fires. Therefore they can be used on multiple fire types; the risk of Norwood staff or residents, although trained, using the wrong type of extinguisher, has been eliminated.

"Safelincs took care of everything," explains John Gregory, Facilities Manager at Norwood. "The price includes a site survey, installation, ID sign, a bracket and certification. The engineer also carried out some quick training to show staff how to look after the extinguishers. And if anybody new joins, Safelincs has provided us with DVDs of the inspection process to keep all of our staff informed."


Case Study – Empire Cinemas

The Customer

Empire Cinemas is the largest independently-owned cinema chain in the UK, currently operating 185 screens in 18 cinemas across the United Kingdom. This includes two new cinema complexes at Hemel Hempstead and Catterick Garrison which both opened in October 2015.

The Challenge

The new cinema complexes form part of two new prestigious projects. The 17 screen Hemel Hempstead cinema is part of a £7 million revamped (and renamed) Jarmen Square development and the 7 Screen Catterick Garrison cinema lies at the heart of a large £25m retail and leisure development – Princes Gate. All theatres, cinemas, concert halls and similar premises must install appropriate firefighting equipment, and Empire Cinemas were determined that their new cinemas should have the most modern appliances fitted.

The Solution

Empire Cinemas

Safelincs supplied and installed P50 foam and P50 wet chemical extinguishers in the new cinema complexes. They were selected for their rugged construction and low maintenance costs. Unlike conventional extinguishers P50s do not require an annual service by an external engineer; a simple check can be undertaken each year by one of the cinema’s staff, which is where the savings are made. The kitemarked P50 extinguishers are guaranteed for ten years after which they can be refilled and used for another ten years.

In the foam version the Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) enables the formation of a film capable of spreading on the surface of burning fuels, which prevents vapour production and seals the surface from oxygen. It will extinguish class A fires (solids such as paper, wood, plastic etc.) and class B fires (flammable liquids such as paraffin, petrol, oil etc.). It has also passed the requirements of EN3 for the suitability of being used on live electrical equipment.

The P50 wet chemical appliance is an F-Class extinguisher especially designed to tackle cooking fat fires. It is also suitable to be used on live electrical equipment.

The Benefit

The new Empire cinemas have the latest appliances installed and routine annual checks can be carried out without any operational disruption, or incurring the cost of bringing in an external engineer.

When the fire extinguishers in the all the other cinemas come up for renewal, it is intended to replace them with P50s.

"Safelincs were an easy company to do business with," commented Steve Clode, Facilities Manager, Empire Cinemas. “The solution they have provided gives us the very latest in fire extinguisher technology, whilst enabling us to achieve significant cost savings over the coming years."


Case Study – Bowmer & Kirkland Group

The Customer

The Bowmer & Kirkland Group is a family company employing over 1400 staff and consisting of 29 subsidiary companies or divisions operating from Derbyshire, Birmingham, Manchester, Motherwell, Newark, Reading and in the USA. The company offers a wide range of specialisms from construction-related services to homeland security products.

The Challenge

The firm’s construction division, Bowmer & Kirkland Ltd, has more than 100 active sites working across all sectors throughout England, Wales and Scotland.

On-site safety is paramount so every installation has to be equipped with appropriate fire extinguishers. Previously this has meant a mixture of water or AFF, dry powder or CO2 extinguishers.

In addition, the harsh conditions of construction sites were always a challenge with the traditional steel extinguishers used.

The Solution

Bowmer and Kirkland

Bowmer & Kirkland is investing in P50 foam extinguishers for the majority of its sites, which enable it to simplify the types of appliance employed whilst still covering all eventualities. These extinguishers can be utilised on Class A and Class B fires, and are safe for use on live electrical equipment up to 1000 volts at a distance of one metre. This means that on many sites a single appliance can be employed instead of three.

The Benefit

P50s are constructed from a very strong composite material and are not susceptible to dents, rust or corrosion like standard extinguishers. Models with anti-freeze remain operational down to temperatures of -10 °C.

So, as well as reducing the overall number of extinguishers required, Bowmer & Kirkland has appliances that are especially suited to the extreme conditions on some of its sites.


Case Study - An Independent School

The Customer

A well-known distinguished English independent boy’s boarding school.

The Challenge

The school has around 2,000 extinguishers across its estate, of which 1,000 needed replacing.

The Solution


The facilities manager carried out a site survey, alongside a Safelincs representative. Following this he looked at the various options and was particularly impressed with the service-free P50 extinguisher and elected to invest in this innovative product.

Unlike traditional appliances, P50s do not require an annual service by an external engineer; nor do they need refilling after five years. After ten years they can be refilled and used for a further decade.

The reason for their comparative longevity lies in their construction, which uses materials that are totally corrosion-free. Each year a simple inspection by a member of the school’s own facilities team is all that is required, and, if a new member of staff needs to know what to do, they can view a video on the Safelincs website.

Safelincs engineers undertook the replacement of the 1,000 extinguishers.

The Benefit

One of the major reasons for customers purchasing the P50 has been the cost savings. However, in this particular instance, the facilities manager would not see the savings for a number of years.

The main benefit for him was simplification - building a consistent range of fire fighting equipment across the site that could be regularly and easily checked by any member of his team. He was impressed by the environmentally friendly nature of the extinguisher and, overall, he simply liked the product. Its potential 20-year lifespan also contributed towards sustainability.

Furthermore, Safelincs was regarded as a company easy to do business with and the costs were transparent and straightforward.


Case Study - Harrow College

Harrow College

The Customer

Harrow College is a college in London, with two large campuses in Harrow on the Hill and Harrow Weald.

The Challenge

Following an annual fire extinguisher service visit, carried out by an existing extinguisher service company, a large amount of remedial work was found to be required at both campuses. This included the costly replacement of a large number of extinguishers.

The Solution

Ian Kavanagh, estates manager at Harrow College, looked at how future costs could be reduced by installing P50 maintenance free extinguishers. These appliances only require an annual check by a member of staff. They do not require maintenance by an extinguisher engineer or a discharge test over their entire 10-year lifespan. After 10 years the extinguishers can be refurbished for another 10-year service-free life.

Kavanagh contacted Safelincs who were not only able to supply the P50s but also provided a more in-depth survey of the college’s requirements. A complete audit was carried out identifying which standard extinguishers could remain and which had reached the end of their useful lives and needed to be written off.

The buildings that could continue using the standard extinguishers were highlighted, a maintenance plan developed and recommendations made as to where P50s should be sited.

“I was very impressed with the P50s and potential savings they offered,” commented Kavanagh. “Safelincs provided me with clear, honest information and I was happy to place an order.”

Engineers from Safelincs moved existing useable extinguishers across the sites in accordance with the wishes of the customer and fulfilled requirements to stagger the replacement of the extinguishers. In all, 92 P50s have been supplied, and a full location sheet of extinguishers and marked up floor plans provided by Safelincs. This will ensure that Harrow College’s internal security team, trained to inspect the P50s, can print out a copy and ensure that all extinguishers are checked annually.

The standard extinguishers that are still in service are maintained by Safelincs’ BAFE approved service engineers in accordance to BS5306. They will advise the college when they need to be exchanged for P50s.

The Benefit

The total cost to swap over to the P50 extinguishers was not much greater than the quotations received from the previous servicing company. In the coming years major savings will be made through a vast reduction in maintenance costs.


Case Study - Stanbridge Associates Lincoln

The Customer

Stanbridge Associates is a firm of accountants, specialising in the medical profession, based in Lincoln.

The Challenge

The firm moved into newly renovated premises – a Victorian building close to the centre of Lincoln - and needed all fire safety facilities in the building to be overhauled in time for the opening.

The Solution

Stanbridge logo

A fire risk assessor from Safelincs visited and undertook a full fire risk assessment. An extinguisher site survey was carried out and the fire alarm system was tested.

Safelincs then supplied and installed new service-free P50 extinguishers, fire door retainers and fire safety signage.

Choosing P50 extinguishers will save Stanbridge the annual cost of servicing since they have been designed so that a simple visual inspection once a year is all that is required. This inspection can be easily carried out by one of the Stanbridge employees and the engineer demonstrated the simple process at the time of installation. P50 extinguishers also do not require a refill after five years, reducing costs dramatically.

The Benefit

Stanbridge Associates had a complete overhaul of the fire prevention facilities at its new premises carried out quickly and cost-effectively.

“Safelincs provided us with a ‘one stop shop’ to enable us to meet all our fire safety requirements when we moved into our new offices,” said Catherine Cullen, Account Manager, Stanbridge Associates. “Their professional, friendly approach not only completed the work on time but also saved us money.”


Case Study – Large Pig Breeding Company

The Customer

One of the UK’s leading pig breeding companies with over 20 farms.

The Challenge

Fire extinguisher service engineers in rural areas will cover many farms on their servicing runs and even when the engineers take special precautions to avoid carrying over infections from one farm to the next, the act of removing extinguishers from a site for refilling at the engineer’s base or van and entering the farm for inspection carry the risk of spreading disease. Pigs, in particular, are very susceptible to infections and pig farmers and especially pig breeders therefore place great importance on infection prevention.

The Solution


The pig breeder introduced Safelincs’ P50 Fireworld service free extinguishers throughout its 20 plus farms.

These extinguishers have been especially designed so that a simple visual inspection by the customer once a year, rather than an annual service by an external engineer, is all that is required. The P50 do not need to be re-filled after 5 years either. They are available in foam and powder versions and are kitemarked to BS EN3, the British standard for fire extinguishers.

In each case the Safelincs engineer, after a quarantine period during which he was not allowed to visit other farms, supplied the extinguishers to the farm to be equipped. After ‘showering-in’, a hygiene provision in the pig farming industry, the site survey and the installation took place and farm employees were trained in the visual inspection of the extinguishers. These visits by the Safelincs engineer were the last extinguisher service engineer visits for a period of ten years, reducing the risk of infection greatly.

The Benefit

A significant cost reduction has been achieved by cutting out ten years of servicing and the refill after five years. In addition the contamination risk is minimised as no external engineer needs to enter a farm for ten years.

The P50 extinguishers are also particularly suited for a tough and muddy environment, as the components will not corrode or deteriorate, even when installed in the open.


Case Study - Leading Online and Home Shopping Retailer

The Customer

This leading online and home shopping retailer has an annual turnover of over £1.5 billion and over five million customers. It has a number of UK based contact centres and warehouses that handle over 19 million calls and over 53 million items per year. Its website attracts more than 270 million visits each year.

The Challenge

Every business seeks to eliminate unnecessary costs. The expense of having its fire extinguishers serviced by outside engineers was something this catalogue company wanted to minimise. The company also had hundreds of extinguishers that had come to the end of their life and needed replacing.

The Solution

Safelincs came up with a solution that completely eliminated the annual visit from an external engineer for all extinguishers that needed replacing – the P50. This appliance, available in powder and foam versions, is unique in that the main casing in made from plastic, reinforced with aramid fibre, the material from which bulletproof vests are made, and the metal elements are brass.

Because of this it will not rust or corrode which means that the contents are well protected removing the requirement for the yearly visit from an external engineer. A simple check that can be carried out by a member of staff is all that is required.

The extinguishers do not need refilling after five years, unlike most appliances, and are guaranteed for ten years. After this time they can be refilled and used for another ten years. At the end of their life the units are 100% recyclable.

Safelincs offered the customer a phased introduction of the P50 extinguishers. Entire buildings were converted to the new extinguisher provision and any traditional extinguishers still usable were consolidated in one of the remaining buildings to save the customer costs. Those traditional extinguishers are still maintained by Safelincs.

The Benefit

The company was spending a lot every year on having its extinguishers serviced. With the P50s, one of its own staff can carry out an annual visual check quickly and easily, eradicating external costs. The engineer who installed the P50s also demonstrated to staff how to carry out the straightforward visual inspection. Safelincs also has a short video on its website that runs through the process.

With the appliances that do not yet need replacing the customer is benefiting from servicing from Safelincs that is competitively priced, transparent and without hidden extras. All work is carried out in accordance to BS5306 and certified by BAFE approved engineers.


Case Study – Oil Refinery

The Customer

A large oil refinery in Eastern England.

The Challenge

The refinery has around 2,000 fire extinguishers that used to require annual servicing. The extinguishers were serviced and maintained by an in-house team of extinguisher service engineers. The management was looking at ways to cut this significant cost. The refinery also uses extinguishers for training and fighting small fires, so that extinguishers have to be refilled.

The Solution


Over a two year period Safelincs is replacing the extinguishers with P50 service free extinguishers, as the previously used extinguishers are coming up for replacement or service.

P50s are constructed using a composite material that will not rust or corrode. This protects the contents and no refills are required for ten years.

The expensive annual service is no longer necessary and is replaced by a straightforward yearly check which can quickly and easily be undertaken by the refinery’s own staff. Refinery staff was trained in this visual check when the units were first installed and as a backup there is a short video on the Safelincs website that runs through the simple steps.

After ten years the extinguishers can be refilled and used for a further ten years. At the end of that time they are 100% recyclable. The refinery has taken mostly powder versions of the P50, but some are foam.

Safelincs also exchanges used P50 and replaces them with re-filled units at the refinery, so that the refinery is always fully protected. The customer does not require a workshop any longer nor do they require their own extinguisher servicing staff.

The Benefit

These changes provide the refinery with very significant cost savings. The corrosion-free nature of the P50s is of an enormous benefit in the environment the refinery operates in. For the remaining extinguishers Safelincs operates a very competitive and clear pricing policy. There are no hidden charges which greatly helps the refinery management’s cost planning.


Case Study – Local Council


The Customer

This local government district in West Sussex covers an area of 129 square miles with an estimated population of 139,000.

The Challenge

In the current economic climate all councils are under are under pressure to cut costs. The council has the responsibility for the annual servicing of fire extinguishers in its buildings. Having engineers visit each year was an on-going cost that the council wished to minimise.

The Solution

The council installed 54 P50 service-free fire extinguishers, supplied by Safelincs, in its buildings. Unlike conventional extinguishers the P50 does not require an annual service by an external engineer. They have been designed so that a simple check can be undertaken each year by one of the council’s staff, which is where the savings are made. The kitemarked P50 extinguishers are guaranteed for ten years after which they can be refilled and used for another ten years.

The inner cylinder of the extinguisher is made from composite plastic which is cocooned by spun Aramid, the material bullet proof vests are made from. The polyethelene shell protects the Aramid core which has been rigorously tested to ensure that it provides durability in even the most hostile environments. All the materials used in the construction of the extinguishers are corrosion-free and 100% recyclable. The council has taken mainly foam P50 extinguishers but also has three powder versions for specialist areas.

The Benefit

The council will make savings of around £20,000 over the next ten years.

“Installation and certification by one of the Safelincs engineers was included in the price,” explained John Rodway, Safety Advisor for the council. “At the same time he demonstrated the straightforward annual checking process and if there is a change of staff, a short video on the Safelincs website runs through the procedure.”


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