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Class D Extinguishers

Chemical Powder Fire Extinguishers for Class D fires of flammable metals in accordance with DIN 14406. Extinguishes fires consisting of burning metals as aluminium, magnesium and other combustible metals.

Thomas Glover 9kg L2 Powder Extinguisher

A specialist fire extinguisher designed to extinguish fires fuelled by burning metals such as lithium (up to 4700°C).

  • Effective on fires involving Lithium (in powder / swarf form)
  • Suitable for most fires involving combustible metals
  • Special low velocity lance applies powder directly to fire
  • CE marked
  • Corrosion free valve assembly
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Class D Fire Extinguishers

Class D Fire Extinguishers

Class D extinguishers are used on burning metals such as aluminium and magnesium. Ordinary extinguishers are not able to deal with the blazing heat and the chemical reaction of the metal fire. Our metal extingushers sprinkle the fire fighting agent with the help of a lance over the burning metal.