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Lifeaxe Emergency Hammer for Double-Glazing

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Escape Hammers

Emergency Break Glass Hammers suitable for single and double glazed windows and Seat Belt Cutters for emergency escape.

Product Overview

With hardened steel, zinc plated strike tips, the Lifeaxe emergency hammer is used for breaking double-glazed windows in an emergency situation to create an escape route from a building or vehicle. Suitable applications include; commercial & Industrial buildings, public service vehicles, marine craft, emergency services and domestic use.

  • Suitable for breaking single and double glazed windows in a fire escape situation
  • Finger guard for added protection
  • Multiple strike heads
  • Ability to break up to 6 mm toughened and annealed glass
  • Up to 5 times heavier than vehicle hammers (290g)
  • Large grip and knuckle area
  • Suitable for professional users such as brigades
  • High melt point materials
  • Supplied with a holder for mounting to walls
  • Manufactured from high grade materials which are impervious to oil, water & chemicals
  • Pushes glass away on impact
Technical Data
Product Code LAL10
Brand Lifeaxe Ltd
Weight 0.40kg
FAQs (2)
Q. Can the emergency escape hammer break glass office doors?

Yes, as long as they are not wired safety glass.

Q. Is the "Lifeaxe Emergency Hammer for Double-Glazing" actually suitable for double glazed windows? I know the name suggests it is but I am looking for absolute verification.

The term “double glazed window” is a reference to a window which utilizes two pains of glass with a sealed air gap between. Double glazed windows are known to be difficult to break due to the air trapped between each pane (which allows the glass to flex and act as an air cushion) and this is most apparent towards the centre, however the edges of the glass adjacent to its frame are more rigid (especially the corners) and this is the area one should strike the glass to break it. The Lifeaxe has been designed to penetrate both toughened and annealed (float) glass and is suitable for both vehicle and vertical building glazing. In the event two panes of glass are used (double glazed) the user would break the first pane then proceed to break the second pane. Instructions are supplied with every Lifeaxe and the purchaser should make themselves familiar with these on receipt and retain them for future reference.

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Rating: 5 / 5 Stars

Reviewed by: T B

I hope never to have to use it but it certainly feels and looks the ideal instrument.

Published on: 4th September 2020

Rating: 4 / 5 Stars

Reviewed by:

Pleased with product.

Published on: 28th November 2017

Rating: 4 / 5 Stars

Reviewed by:

looks like it will do the job

Published on: 14th October 2017

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