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1kg Multi-Purpose Powder Fire Extinguisher - Kidde KS1KG

Discontinued Product

This product has been discontinued.

Product Overview

This compact 1kg Powder Fire Extinguisher from Kidde is ideal for keeping in sheds and garages / small workshops where solids, liquids or electricals may ignite. This multi-purpose extinguisher is capable of dealing with Class A, B and C type fires, whilst remaining safe for use on live electrical equipment. Fitted with a pressure gauge for added reassurance, and supplied with a 6 year warranty, the included transport bracket also makes it suitable for installation in vehicles.

  • Extinguisher Rating:
    • 8A – solid materials such as paper, wood, cardboard, plastics etc.
    • 34B – flammable liquids or liquefiable solids such as paint, oil, wax etc.
    • C – flammable gases such as natural gas, LPG etc.
  • Compact, and easy-to-use
  • Fixed gauge allows users to check the pressure
  • 6 year manufacturer's warranty supplied as standard
  • Safe for use on fires involving electrical equipment
  • Supplied with a bracket for wall mounting or fitting in a vehicle
  • CE marked and Kitemarked to BS EN3

Please note: This extinguisher is not recommended for use on fires involving burning fats. The use of powder fire extinguishers indoors is not recommended as per BS 5306-8:2012 due to the mess powder creates and the potential impairment of vision and respiration it can cause.

Technical Data
Product Code KEKS1KG
Brand Kidde


Discharge Range (min)

4 metres

Discharge Time

8 seconds

Extinguisher Agent

ABC Dry Powder

Operating Temperature

-30 °C to +60 °C

Weight 1.60kg
FAQs (1)
Q. Should a powder extinguisher be inverted regularly to avoid the powder sticking in the bottom?

Inverting the cylinder of a powder extinguisher is part of the service procedure for cartridge operated powder extinguishers and isn’t required for stored pressure powder extinguishers by the British Standard BS 5306-3:2009. However it is good practice to perform this action during a basic service on stored pressure extinguishers as it only takes a moment and ensures that the contents are not compacted.

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Rating: 4 / 5 Stars

Reviewed by: S M

Effective and a good product

Published on: 11th July 2021

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