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FireRay 3000 End to End Infrared Optical Beam Smoke Detector

FireRay 3000 End-toEnd Infrared Optical Beam Smoke Detector

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Infrared and Ultraviolet Fire Detectors

Infrared beam smoke detectors and Ultraviolet flame detectors for larger buildings. Ideal for factories and warehouses. Manufactured by Nittan and FireRay.
Product Overview

The FireRay 3000 end to end optical beam smoke detector has been designed to protect large open space applications where standard ceiling mounted smoke detectors would not be suitable. The transmitter head emits an infrared beam to a separate receiver using an LCD display controller. If smoke passes through the beam, the alarm signal is activated. The FireRay 3000 has a programmable sensitivity level, meaning that the alarm activation point can be adjusted to suit environments where dust or exhaust fumes may be present.

  • Approved to BS EN 54-12:2002
  • Ideal for protecting large buildings that use reflective surfaces
  • Each kit includes:
    • 1 x System Controller - wires into an existing fire alarm control panel
    • 1 x Transmitter - projects a narrow beam of infrared light
    • 1 x Receiver - receives the beam of infrared light
  • An alarm condition is triggered when smoke obscures the beam path
  • Configurable operating range of 5m to 120m
  • Integrated thumbwheels allow for the infrared beam to be aligned
  • Laser alignment aid in the receiver head
  • LCD display controller indicates the status of the protected area
  • Programmable sensitivity level
  • Variable time to fire and time to fault settings
  • Automatic Gain Control for signal change caused by dust build up or building movement
  • 2 wire installation between controller and receiver
  • First Fix concept for ease of installation
  • Fire and fault relay contacts on each detector
  • 5 year warranty
Technical Data
Product Code FFFR3000
Brand Fire Fighting Enterprises
Dimensions (HxWxD)

Controller: 124x203x71.5mm

Transmitter & Receiver: 77x78x161mm

IP Rating


Operating Current

Controller (with 1 or 2 receivers): 14mA (constant)

Transmitter: 8mA (per transmitter)

Operating Temperature

5 to 120m

UL: -20°C to +55°C

EN54: -10°C to +55°C

Operating Voltage

12 to 36V DC +/- 10%

Relative Humidity


Weight 0.85kg
Product Datasheets

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