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Mains Powered Smoke Alarms & Heat Alarms with Self-Charging 10 Year Back-up Battery - Firehawk RB Series

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Product Overview

These Firehawk optical smoke and heat alarms are mains-powered and fitted with sealed self-charging back-up batteries designed to last their full 10 year lifespan without needing to be replaced. Suitable for Grade D1 installations and Scottish regulations, Firehawk FH250RB optical smoke alarms and FH450RB heat alarms can interlink in a system of up to 15 alarms to warn all occupants throughout the whole house if one detects a possible fire. The supplied Fast-Fix bases also allow for the easy replacement or swapping of smoke and heat alarm heads from the same range if required. An "end of life" warning chirp will sound when the whole unit needs replacing after 10 years, but this can be silenced for 10 hours in case it starts during the night.

  • 230V mains powered with self-charging battery backup
  • Lithium back-up battery lasts the full 10 year life of the alarms
  • 10 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Available in two versions:
    • FH250RB optical smoke alarm – suitable for most rooms including hallways, landings, living rooms, and bedrooms
    • FH450RB heat alarm – suitable for rooms likely to have steam, dust, or fumes like kitchens and garages
  • Also available with replaceable alkaline back-up batteries
  • Fast-Fix design for quick installation using Push-Fit connectors
  • Up to 15 Firehawk mains-powered smoke and heat alarms can interlink in one system
  • Advanced sensor technology to reduce false alarms and ensure quick detection of fires
  • End of life warning chirp when the alarm head needs replacing, which can be silenced overnight
  • Combined large test and silence button for ease of maintenance
  • Suitable for installations complying to BS 5839-6 Grade D1
  • CE marked and certified to EN 14604: 2005 (smoke alarm) / Kitemarked to BS 5446-2: 2003 (heat alarm)
  • This alarm is also suitable for the updated 2022 Scottish legislation for fire alarms in homes

The table below shows all alarms which can interlink via cable with the Firehawk FH250RB and FH450RB mains powered smoke & heat alarms.

Model Description Interlink
FH250BB Mains Powered Optical Smoke Alarm with Alkaline Battery Backup Hardwire
FH450BB Mains Powered Heat Alarm with Alkaline Battery Backup Hardwire
FH250RB Mains Powered Optical Smoke Alarm with Sealed Lithium Battery Backup Hardwire
FH450RB Mains Powered Heat Alarm with Sealed Lithium Battery Backup Hardwire

Technical Data
Product Code
FH250RB Optical Smoke Alarm FIFH250RB
FH450RB Heat Alarm FIFH450RB
Brand Firehawk
Back-Up Battery

Sealed Self-Charging Lithium

Dimensions (HxDia)

FH250RB Smoke: 55 x 113mm

FH450RB Heat: 69 x 113mm

Operating Temperature

0°C to 40°C

Relative Humidity

< 85%

Storage Temperature

5°C to 30°C


FIFH250RB: 0.24kg

FIFH450RB: 0.2kg

Product Datasheets
FAQs (4)
Q. What type of smoke alarm do I need?

We recommend using an optical smoke alarm in hallways, living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms, as they are good at detecting smouldering fires from soft furnishings and are less likely to be set off by cooking fumes from a connected kitchen.

Ionisation alarms are recommended for landings as they are designed to react quickly to fast flaming fires.

Heat alarms are recommended for kitchens and garages as they do not sound false alarms from cooking fumes, vehicle fumes or steam.

Q. Why do your mains powered alarms have batteries?

All our mains powered alarms have a battery backup because, although mains powered alarms without this option do exist (BS5839 part 6 grade E), we regard them as far too dangerous. This is because a lot of fires are caused by electrical faults which would leave the building unprotected against fire if the smoke alarms had no backup battery. With our mains powered alarms you will always be protected.

Q. Can I put my smoke alarm on the wall, or must it be mounted on the ceiling?

The best location to install your smoke alarm is in the centre of the ceiling rather than on the wall.

During a fire, smoke initially rises and then spreads horizontally. Placing the smoke alarm in the centre of your ceiling means that it is closest to all four points of your room. This ensures that you receive the earliest possible warning of a fire.

For more information, read our guide to positioning your smoke alarm and guide to which smoke alarms are best for each room.

Q. Do you need an electrician to connect mains powered smoke alarms?

It is necessary that an electrician installs mains powered smoke alarms.

Key Product Features

Lithium back-up battery lasts the full 10 year life of the alarms

Fast-Fix mounting base design for quick, easy installation

Alarms can be removed quickly to easily replace the batteries

Combined large test and silence button for ease of maintenance

Pricing & Availability

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FH250RB Optical Smoke Alarm
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FH450RB Heat Alarm
Product Code: FIFH450RB
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