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Harnesses and other Fire Escape Ladder Accessories

When evacuating a building via an emergency escape ladder safety is paramount. The range of harnesses and fall arrest devices that we offer are designed to protect users and ensure their safety while making a rapid descent in an emergency.

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Emergency Infant Carrier

  • Holds a child close and safely to you while you are climbing
  • Frees both arms to allow for a safe descent
  • Maximum infant weight 27kg

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7 Customer Reviews

This product is temporarily unavailable.

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Modum and Saffold Ladder Harness

  • Designed for use with Modum and Saffold fire escape ladders
  • Protection for users during ladder evacuation
  • Universal size (one size fits all)
  • Simple and quick to attach / detach

£110.87 inc VAT

£92.39 ex VAT

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Kletter-Fix Wall Mounted Bar

  • Special wall-mounted steel bar attached permanently underneath the window
  • Used to hook your Kletter-Fix ladder to in case of emergency
  • Made in Germany
5 Customer Reviews

From: £33.59 inc VAT

£27.99 ex VAT

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Kletter-Fix Escape Ladder Storage Container

  • Stores Kletter-Fix escape ladders (without distance pieces)
  • A red, wall-mounted steel container
  • Box without distance pieces

From: £92.99 inc VAT

£77.49 ex VAT

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