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FireAngel W2-LFS-630 Radio-Interlinked Low Frequency Sounder

Discontinued Product

This product has been discontinued.

Product Overview

The FireAngel W2-LFS-630 low frequency sounder is designed for use as part of a radio-interlinked smoke alarm system. Mains powered with a sealed rechargeable back-up battery, the low frequency sounder can be wirelessly interlinked with up to 50 devices, and provides additional audible warning to standard smoke alarms. When a FireAngel interlinked system is activated, the low frequency sounder emits a 520Hz square wave at 85dB, making it more likely to wake high risk occupants such as children, those with mild to moderate hearing loss and people under the influence of alcohol, than a standard smoke alarm.

  • Mains powered with sealed rechargeable back-up battery
  • Back-up battery continues to power the sounder after a mains failure
  • CE marked
  • Up to 50 FireAngel radio-interlinked alarms and devices can be wirelessly connected
  • An interlinked system provides the earliest possible warning of fire
  • Radio-frequency range: 200m in free space, up to 35m in buildings
  • Emits a 520Hz square wave at 85dB upon activation
  • More likely to wake vulnerable persons such as the elderly, children, those with mild hearing loss and people under the influence of alcohol
  • Test function allows you to test all interlinked alarms from one location
  • Can be horizontally or vertically wall mounted, or left free standing
  • 5 years manufacturer's warranty

The table below shows all the units that can interconnect with the FireAngel radio-interlinked low frequency sounder.

Compatible Alarms

Model Number
Type of unit
Type of interconnection
WST637 Optical Smoke Alarm Radio-interlinked
WHT637 Heat Alarm Radio-interlinked
WST-230 Mains Powered Optical Smoke Alarm Radio-interlinked
WHT-230 Mains Powered Heat Alarm Radio-interlinked

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Model Number
Type of unit
Type of interconnection
W7-CO-10X Carbon Monoxide Alarm Radio-interlinked

Ancillary Products

Model Number
Type of unit
Type of interconnection
W2-SVP-630 Wireless Strobe and Vibrating Pad Radio-interlinked
Technical Data
Product Code FAWS2LFS
Brand FireAngel
Dimensions (HxWxD)


Operating Temperature

-4 °C to +38 °C

Radio Linking Frequency


Radio-Frequency Range

Free Space: Up to 200m

In Buildings: Up to 35m

Relative Humidity

UP to 90%

Sound Output

520Hz square wave of 85dB

Weight 0.64kg
Product Datasheets

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