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Evacuator Synergy RF Base Station Site Alarm

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Product Overview

The Evacuator Synergy RF base station site alarm requires no cabling and can be wirelessly interlinked with up to 40 other call point, sounder/strobe and smoke Synergy RF devices within a single system. The base station acts as the systems control panel, featuring a screen to display when the system is in test or alarm state and monitors all linked devices in case of low battery. Each linked site alarm, including the base station, is given a numerical "address" allowing the triggered device to be easily identified.

  • 9V battery powered site alarm - requires no wiring whatsoever
  • Designed for use in conjunction with Synergy RF call point, sounder/strobe, smoke and heat site alarms
  • Up to 40 devices can be wirelessly interlinked by radio frequency
  • Professional installation can be purchased separately or when ordering Evacuator Synergy alarms
  • Allows all linked devices to be tested from a single location
  • Monitors the RF connectivity and for low battery warning
  • Each device can be assigned a numerical "address" for ease of identification
  • Display screen shows which device has triggered the system or if low battery is detected
  • Features a resettable call point for manual activation
  • More than one base station unit can be installed in a system
  • Ideal for areas such as offices where the display can be easily seen
  • Radio frequency range: 100m in buildings, 400m in free space
  • IP55 rated for outdoor use
  • Sounds at 85dB when activated
  • Suitable for wall or post mounting

Please note: Base Station units are not required for interlinking of other units, they provide additional benefits for system maintenance and testing. See the Interlink tab for further details on system composition and setup.


Up to 40 Synergy RF devices can be interlinked as a single system, with or without a Base Station, by setting dials 2 and 3 on the circuit board inside the casing. Device 00 (zero zero) should always be present and ideally located in the centre of the site, as it acts as the "Master" to coordinate the RF signal network. Devices 01-39 are considered "Slave" units to the Master and it is advised to add devices in numerical order for ease of identification and testing. There is a dedicated space on Synergy RF devices in which to write the address number, making identification even easier. Master and Slave units can be Call Points, Sounder/Strobes, Detectors, or Base Stations.


In addition to the 40 Master/Slave devices it is possible to add an unlimited number of Drone units by setting Dials 2 and 3 to 4 and 0 respectively on each Drone. Drones can only be Sounder/Strobes and it is recommended to adhere to a maximum of 2 Drones per Slave in the system. This should not be interpreted as the number of Slave units limiting the amount of Drones that can be interlinked, it is simply a rough guide for optimal system size provided by the manufacturer.

Base Station units are not required for a functional Synergy RF system but they do drastically improve the convenience of system maintenance. Base Stations have an LCD display which will show the address number of the originating unit when the fire alarm activates, allow global test and reset of all interlinked units from a single location, and also provide low battery information for all interlinked devices. Multiple Base Stations can be present within a single network.

Dial 1 in the image above is not normally used for addressing devices as it represents the channel, or "zone," that the devices are in. This is mainly used when multiple contractors are working on the same site and all have their own Synergy RF systems, or when working on a particularly large site where the fire alarm system benefits from being split into independent zones. All devices in a system must be set to the same zone or they will not be able to communicate with each other, potentially leading to site occupants not being alerted to a fire.

Technical Data
Brand FMC Fire Equipment
Dimensions (HxWxD)

Not Incl. Antenna: 275x165x104mm

Power Source

9V battery

Sound Output


Weight 2.00kg
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