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230V Optical Smoke Alarm with Lithium Back-up Battery Ei156

Ei156 and Ei156TL Optical Smoke Alarm

Discontinued Product

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available to buy.

Product Overview

Optical smoke alarm with hush button and a 10yr+ rechargeable lithium backup cells. If your looking to replace an existing unit then why not look at theEi156TL Easichange replacement head kit, suitable for DIY installation without the need for an electrician.

  • 230V mains powered smoke detector
  • 5 year warranty
  • More responsive to slow smouldering fires
  • Features the large, advanced Ei optical chamber with proven extended life capability. Fitted with insect resistant screen
  • Easy to use integral Test and Hush button
  • Separate mains and warning LEDs
  • Low power cell warning in the event of mains or cell failure
  • Interlinks with other Ei Professional mains powered smoke & heat alarms
  • Precision charging circuit ensures peak cell performance
  • Proven 10 year+ rechargeable lithium cell back-up
  • Hush button for false alarm control
Technical Data
Product Code EI156TLH
Alternative Product Codes Ei156, Ei156TL, Ei156TLH, Ei156TLR
Brand EI Electronics
Back-Up Battery

Longlife Lithium Battery

Dimensions (HxWxD)


Weight 0.20kg
Product Datasheets
FAQs (2)
Q. Which alarm should I buy to replace my EI151 and EI156 interconnected alarms, the replacement models EI151TL and EI156TLH or the or the 'Easichange' replacement kits?

The Easichange replacement kits would be suitable for your requirements. The kit is supplied with a new mains powered smoke alarm and a specially designed masking plate that will cover any discolouration or blemishes left behind by your old alarm.

Q. What type of electrical cable is required to carry the mains supply and trigger signal for the wired alarms?

For the mains supply of the first unit a 2-core earth cable would be sufficient. For the connection between the alarms a 3-core earth cable would be required

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