Dorgard SmartSound

The Dorgard SmartSound is a wireless, battery operated fire door retainer that allows you to safely & legally hold fire doors open without aiding the spread of fire. Featuring SmartSound technology, these units listen for the pattern of an actual fire alarm sounder and so will not be triggered by lound noises nearby. SmartSound technology also knows to ignore certain patterns too.
Dorgard SmartSound retainers also feature an improved battery life, now lasting 3 years under normal conditions, while the optional anti-drag feature prevents damage to carpets when a door is forcefully closed without lifting the plunger.

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Anti-Drag Carpet Protection

The anti-drag feature can be activated according to the User Guide and will notice when someone tries to forcefully close the door, automatically releasing the plunger.


Dorgard is a "Standard" category device under BS 7273-4 with testing & certification to BS EN 1155 and BS EN 1634. Quality and performance are guaranteed with a Dorgard.

Aiding Independence

Dorgard helps people maintain independence by keeping heavy fire doors open throughout the premises. Ideal for patients in care homes and hospitals as well as young children in schools.

Extended Battery Life

Compared to the standard model, Dorgard SmartSound fire door holders feature a new extended battery life of up to 3 years under normal operating conditions.

Safe & Legal

Wedging open a fire door is illegal and aids the spread of fire. The Dorgard has been designed, tested, and certified to release during a fire alarm or fault, making it both safe and legal.

Stopping Power

Dorgard provides ultimate stopping power against doors & door closers, capable of holding EN 7 doors up to 1600mm wide and 160kg in weight with fire ratings of 120 minutes.

  • Night-time Release
  • Fail Safe
  • SmartSound Technology
  • Strong Construction
Night-time Release Settings

It is recommended that all fire doors are closed at night so that any fires which occur while the building is unoccupied are contained, and are not allowed to spread unnoticed. Dorgard has a night-time release feature which can be set to any time, making it suitable for any schedule. After releasing at the pre-set time, the Dorgard will not operate as a hold open device until the following morning.

Fail Safe

The Dorgard has been designed for complete safety and will "fail safe" in the event of a fault or flat battery. The mechanism which holds the plunger down, to resist the closing force on a door, requires power to remain active. This means that the Dorgard simply will not work if there is no power or a fault in the mechanism, ensuring that the fire door will be closed by default in order to block the spread of fire.

SmartSound Technology

Designed to avoid false activations which disrupt free movement around the building & impair the independence of residents in care facilities, SmartSound Technology will listen for the specific sound of a fire alarm – not just loud noises in the environment. This technology also knows to ignore specific sound patterns to reduce false releases even further, ensuring heavy fire doors are only closed when they actually need to be.

Strong Construction

Since the Dorgard is installed at floor level and operated by the user’s foot, a certain amount of knocks are expected. To ensure it can withstand this environment, the Dorgard is designed & built with highly durable components that have been thoroughly tested to ensure longevity. Dorgard is also certified to BS EN 1634 regarding fire resistance and smoke control tests for door assemblies and hardware.

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Good product saves people having to touch door handles etc

Published on: 17th November 2020

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Dorgard Spares and Accessories

Dorgard Replacement Feet (Pack of 5)

These rubber feet for Dorgard units are designed as replacements for existing feet, which the manufacturer recommends every 12 months. As the Dorgard units are used under normal conditions the rubber feet begin to lose their original texture which provides the grip to keep doors open when in operation. Forcefully pulling a retained door to close it, instead of disengaging the Dorgard, will wear down the feet more quickly than under normal conditions, and different flooring materials will affect the feet at different rates.

  • Sold in packs of 5
  • Improve the life of your Dorgard feet by releasing the plunger properly when closing the door
  • Replacement feet supplied in grey
  • Recommended to be replaced every 12 months

£9.49 inc VAT

£11.39 ex VAT

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Replacement Floor Plate for Dorgard Fire Door Retainers

The replacement floor plate kit for Dorgard is ideal if the original floor plate gets damaged, lost, or cannot be moved from the point at which it is fixed. The kit contains a full sized floor plate fitted with a bump stop, as well as a small floor plate without bump stop. Also included in the kit is a replacement rubber foot for the Dorgard unit. These kits are supplied complete with fixing screws and rawl plugs.

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  • Supplied with fixing screws
  • Includes two types of floor plate:
    • Full size with bump-stop
    • Half size without bump-stop
  • Helps prevent damage to flooring when the Dorgard is engaged
  • Also includes replacement rubber foot for the Dorgard

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£17.63 ex VAT

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Dorgard Adapter Plate for Steel Doors

The Dorgard is an essential fire safety device which allows you to keep fire doors open legally throughout your premises. The Dorgard has previously been restricted for use on wooden doors only; however, with the new Dorgard adapter plate, the audio activated fire door retainer can now be used on steel doors. The adapter plate is discretely fitted between the door and the retainer, making it virtually unnoticeable when the Dorgard has been installed. The plate has self adhesive backing which negates the need for fixing screws to attach it to the door.

  • Enables the Dorgard fire door retainer to be used on steel doors
  • Easy to install with clear fitting instructions
  • Black finish as standard
  • Fixed discretely between the door and the back of the retainer
  • Self-adhesive backing
  • For use in conjunction with the Dorgard fire door retainer

£16.39 inc VAT

£19.67 ex VAT

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Brushed Stainless Steel Cover for Dorgard Fire Door Retainers

Ideal for prestigious installations such as offices, hotels and conference centres, these brushed stainless steel covers for Dorgard Fire Door Retainers protect the units from knocks and scratches whilst helping to make the Dorgard's appearance more appealing.

  • Stylish metal covers for the Dorgard Fire Door Retainer
  • Available with a brushed stainless steel finish
  • Designed to enhance the appearance of the Dorgard to help complement the interior of your building
  • Easy to install
  • Supplied with fixings, fitting instructions and a cleaning wipe
  • Protects the door retainer from knocks and scratches to prolong life
  • Ideal for modern offices, hotels, restaurants, etc.

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Dorgard Keep Clear Door Sign - Vinyl 76mm

The Dorgard Fire Door Sticker is suitable for use on doors where Dorgards are installed and details clear instructions on how a Dorgard should be released. The signs are made from a self-adhesive vinyl to aid installation and can be supplied as single stickers or in packs of 5.

  • Dorgard Fire Door Sticker
  • Suitable for use on doors where Dorgards are installed
  • Gives clears instruction on how a Dorgard should be released
  • Self-adhesive vinyl to aid application
  • Dimensions (Dia): 76mm
  • Available as a single sticker or pack of 5

£1.49 inc VAT

£1.79 ex VAT

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  • Stopper / Ferrule
  • Floor Plates
  • Steel Door Adapter
  • Stainless Steel Cover
  • Keep Clear Door Sign