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Defibrillators Help and Advice

Help and information about defibrillators including a guide to health and safety and legal considerations, an introduction to the different types of defibrillators, and articles about defibrillators in schools and public.

Defibrillator FAQs

More info about Defibrillators & Accessories FAQs View answers to common questions about defibrillators (AEDs) and defibrillator accessories.

Defibrillator Buying Guide

Which defibrillator should I buy?

A helpful guide to the different types of defibrillators and their features.

Defibrillator Maintenance Guide

More info about Defibrillator Maintenance Guide

Maintaining your defibrillator is critical. Tips on how to check the AED to make sure it's always ready for use.

Defibrillator Legal Requirements

More info about Legal Requirements for Defibrillators

Should I buy an AED and what are the legal requirements and responsibilities?

Using Defibrillators on Children

More info about Using Defibrillators on Children

Defibrillators can be used on children. Read our specific advice on what to do based on the child's age and weight.

Can Children Use Defibrillators?

More info about Can Children Use Defibrillators?

Defibrillators have been designed to be used by anyone. But, could a child deploy and use an AED in an emergency?

Defibrillator Reminders

Defibrillator Reminders

Register here to receive free SMS reminders when your life saving defibrillator batteries and pads need changing.

Call for more public defibrillators

More info about Call for more public defibrillators Information about a study carried out by the University of Southampton about access to public defibrillators.

Defibrillators in Schools

More info about Defibrillators in Schools

Find out about the latest requirements for defibrillators in schools and why it is so important to have an AED on site.


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