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Defibrillators & Accessories FAQs

How do I know if my defibrillator is ready to be used?

Most defibs have a green flashing LED to show that the defib is ready to be used; there are a few models which may show a tick or solid green circle instead. Defibs do daily, weekly and / or monthly self-checks, and if the device finds a fault then it will show a red flashing LED or X instead. It is recommended that defibs should be visually checked on a weekly basis to make sure they are always ready to be used in an emergency. If the red warning is showing it may mean that the pads or batteries require replacement and these should be checked and replacements ordered if necessary. More information can be found in our Defibrillator Maintenance help guide, the user manual for the defib that you have, or contact our team on 0800 612 6537 or for help and assistance.

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