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BRK DS700RF Mains Powered RF Base

Discontinued Product

This product has been discontinued.

Product Overview

Designed for use with the BRK 600 and 700 series of smoke and heat alarms, the BRK DS700RF is a mains powered base plate with built-in radio-frequency technology. When each alarm is installed with the DS700RF, this enables wireless interconnection between each unit and allows all alarms within the system to sound if one detects a fire. Up to 50 BRK mains powered alarms can be wirelessly interlinked, providing you with the earliest possible warning of danger.

  • 230V mains powered base plate with sealed 10 year lithium back-up battery
  • Built-in radio-frequency technology - allows alarms to wirelessly interlink
  • Designed for use with the BRK 600 and 700 series of mains powered alarms
  • Up to 50 alarms can be wireless linked within a single system
  • Radio-frequency range: 150m in free space, 30m in buildings
  • Enables all alarms to activate if one detects a fire
  • 5 year manufacturer's warranty
  • An interlinked system provides the earliest possible warning of fire
Technical Data
Product Code BKDS700RF
Brand BRK
Dimensions (HxDia)


Radio-Frequency Range

Free Space: Up to 150m

In Buildings: Up to 30m


5 years

Weight 0.17kg
Product Datasheets
FAQs (1)
Q. I am having trouble mounting the BRK 660 to the BRK DS700RF base it doesn’t seem to fit can you help?

In order for the BRK 600/700 alarm to fit onto the BRK DS700RF base you will need to take the original mounting plate off the alarm. After removing the base plate locate the small arrow located on the alarm head and the RF base. Once these are aligned it will allow both the base and head to be married together.

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