New fire and waterproof safe section

Traditionally, Safelincs focused on the fire protection for valuables, paper and electronic data, offering a substantial range of fire safes to meet customers’ needs. Through discussions with our customers it emerged that there was a need for fire safes with additional water protection, protecting documents and electronic data carriers in case of floods or in fact from the water used for fire fighting in a blaze. The intumescent seals used in most fire safes, whilst performing fantastically in case of fire, do not help in case of flooding, as they require intense heat to fully seal off the safe.

We have therefore introduced a category of fire and waterproof safes to address this requirements. These safes, certified by ETL, can sit in water for over 24 hours and will remain sealed and dry inside.

We are always looking to improve our product range; should you have a requirement or idea for improved or new products, please let us know and we will try our best to make the changes or introduce new products to meet your needs.

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