The Importance of Fire Door Closers

Fire safety equipment is essential for homes and businesses alike to first detect the fire and then to safely evacuate the building and minimise the damage caused by the fire. The best known fire safety products are familiar pieces of equipment such as fire extinguishers and smoke alarms, however, fire doors also play an important role in stopping the spread of fire. When closed, fire doors will stop the spread of smoke and flames for a significant amount of time (usually 30 minutes), helping people inside the building to evacuate safely.

In order for fire doors to function properly, they should remain closed when the door is not in use. As obvious as this sounds, in a busy office building it can be difficult to ensure that fire doors are being closed. Therefore automatic fire door closers are installed to ensure that, after a door is opened, it naturally returns to a closed position where it can offer the maximum fire safety.

Door closers work by using the energy built-up when opening the door, to close it. There are a number of different types of fire door closers, some of which are even concealed within the doors themselves. Some also have additional features that can enable the doors to be held safely in an open position to allow easier access for people with disabilities. This is particularly useful in buildings where there is a lot of foot traffic. In the case of a fire, the fire alarm will trigger these hold-open devices and allow the door closer to close the door.

Fire door closers are selected by closing strength which relates to the weight of the door. Door closers on fire doors, must have a minimum power size of EN3. The configuration of the door closers will also depend on the design of the door (inward/outward closing) etc. If in doubt contact our friendly customer support line.


  1. It’s good to know that closed fire doors can actually slow the spread of a fire by around 30 minutes, making it much more possible for people to escape safely. We’re renovating part of our business to have a more professional appearance. Putting door closers on our fire doors could help us make sure the building stays safe when we do.

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