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Underfloor Evacuation Chute for External Walkways and Scaffolding

If you are interested in the Axel Thoms Underfloor Escape Chute you can order a free site survey. This survey will help to identify the most suitable locations for your Axel Thoms Underfloor Escape Chute installation and ensures the correct length and materials are chosen for your site.

Free Site Survey
Product Overview

This Axel Thoms Underfloor Escape Chute version allows rapid escape from walkways and scaffolds in the case of fire or any other emergency. The evacuation chute is fitted in the floor of a walkway or in scaffold boarding and is covered with a lid when not in use. When used on construction sites, the length of the chute can be easily adapted to the height of the scaffolding at each stage of construction by activating different opening points along the chute.

The chute contains an internal spiral, offering safe descent at a controlled speed. It is easily deployed in seconds. The Axel Thoms Underfloor Escape Chute is available from 4 to 120 metres height above ground.

The Axel Thoms Underfloor Escape Chute is manufactured in Germany with fire-retardant fabrics and high-strength, load-bearing belts to allow a load of 14,500kg to ensure the safety of users when escaping, for example, from fires. The chute is TÜV Certified and guaranteed for 15 years when serviced annually by our specialist engineers.

Comprehensive package including FREE site survey, nationwide delivery, installation and testing of your EvacChute

  • Suitable for external walkways up to 120m from ground level
  • Constructed from DIN 4102 class B1 flame-retardant fabric as standard
  • Optional upgrade to non-flammable DIN 4102 class A2 material
  • 5 high-strength belts support a load of 14,500kg
  • Multiple people can use the Axel Thoms Underfloor Escape Chute simultaneously
  • Capable of evacuating up to 15 persons per minute
  • Suitable for children over 12kg (approx. 2 years old), disabled, pregnant and unconscious persons
  • 15-year manufacturer's guarantee (subject to annual maintenance by our specialist engineers)
Image Gallery

Below are a selection of images showing the Axel Thoms Underfloor Escape Chute installed in various locations around the world.


Securely Fitted Base Frame

The Base Frame is specially constructed and bespoke for each installation, determined by the free site survey, securely anchoring the Axel Thoms Underfloor Escape Chute to the structure of your building. For underfloor installation the Base Frame also takes the roll of the Entrance Frame.

Fully Enclosed Entrance

To help prevent further panic in an emergency the Entrance Frame is totally enclosed by a visual cover which, combined with the inner spiral design, does not allow users to realise the actual height they are evacuating from.

TÜV Tested & Approved

TÜV are an international testing facility specialising in certifications, qualifications, training and consultancy services. TÜV test products and services in relation to their compliance with regulations and help to standardise certification throughout the international community.

Load-Bearing Belts

Underneath the protective outer layer a 5 specially designed load-bearing belts, providing the core strength of the EvacChute. Due to the design and construction of the EvacChute, centred around these belts, loads of 14,500kg are easily supported allowing multiple people to evacuate at the same time without worry.

Protective Outer Layer

The Protective Outer Layer of the Axel Thoms Underfloor Escape Chute is constructed from DIN 4102 class B1 flame-retardant fabric as standard but can optionally be upgraded to non-flammable DIN 4102 class A2 material for extra protection during evacuation.

DIN 4102 Combustibility Classes

Closely related to BS 476, DIN 4102 is a German standard for the testing of passive fire protection systems, or their component materials, for the degree of flammability and combustibility. The results of testing that complies with DIN 4102 are split into 5 categories: B3 to B1 followed by A2 and A1, with B3 being the most flammable and A1 being the least.

Internal Spiral

The inside of an Axel Thoms Underfloor Escape Chute features a spiral structure at a specific angle and made from specially chosen material to provide an average descent speed of 2m/s. Children, disabled persons, pregnant women, and even unconscious persons can use an Axel Thoms Underfloor Escape Chute as neither technique nor weight will have a significant impact on the speed of descent.

15 Year Guarantee

Due to the life-saving nature of the Axel Thoms Underfloor Escape Chute every purchase requires a free site survey, every component is manufactured to the highest standards, and every system is installed and maintained annually by our specialist engineers. Axel Thoms Underfloor Escape Chute are so confident in their product that all systems are guaranteed for a full 15 years.

Exit Capsule

At the bottom of the Axel Thoms Underfloor Escape Chute is an Exit Capsule, designed to provide further stability to the Axel Thoms Underfloor Escape Chute and help ensure correct deployment. The Exit Capsule allows for a safer termination of descent than landing directly onto the floor, which may be dangerous due to debris or other hazards caused by the emergency, while the Holding Handles and wide hatch ensure all occupants can quickly and smoothly exit the EvacChute.

Technical Data
Product Code

Standard Flame-Retardant, 5 metres:  THCHUTEU5

Standard Flame-Retardant, 10 metres:  THCHUTEU10

Standard Flame-Retardant, 15 metres:  THCHUTEU15

Standard Flame-Retardant, 20 metres:  THCHUTEU20

Standard Flame-Retardant, 25 metres:  THCHUTEU25

Standard Flame-Retardant, 30 metres:  THCHUTEU30

Standard Flame-Retardant, 35 metres:  THCHUTEU35

Standard Flame-Retardant, 40 metres:  THCHUTEU40

Standard Flame-Retardant, 45 metres:  THCHUTEU45

Standard Flame-Retardant, 50 metres:  THCHUTEU50

Standard Flame-Retardant, 55 metres:  THCHUTEU55

Standard Flame-Retardant, 60 metres:  THCHUTEU60

Standard Flame-Retardant, 65 metres:  THCHUTEU65

Standard Flame-Retardant, 70 metres:  THCHUTEU70

Standard Flame-Retardant, 75 metres:  THCHUTEU75

Standard Flame-Retardant, 80 metres:  THCHUTEU80

Standard Flame-Retardant, 85 metres:  THCHUTEU85

Standard Flame-Retardant, 90 metres:  THCHUTEU90

Standard Flame-Retardant, 95 metres:  THCHUTEU95

Standard Flame-Retardant, 100 metres:  THCHUTEU100

Standard Flame-Retardant, 105 metres:  THCHUTEU105

Standard Flame-Retardant, 110 metres:  THCHUTEU110

Standard Flame-Retardant, 115 metres:  THCHUTEU115

Standard Flame-Retardant, 120 metres:  THCHUTEU120

DIN4102 A2 Non-Flammable, 5 metres:  THCHUTEUD5

DIN4102 A2 Non-Flammable, 10 metres:  THCHUTEUD10

DIN4102 A2 Non-Flammable, 15 metres:  THCHUTEUD15

DIN4102 A2 Non-Flammable, 20 metres:  THCHUTEUD20

DIN4102 A2 Non-Flammable, 25 metres:  THCHUTEUD25

DIN4102 A2 Non-Flammable, 30 metres:  THCHUTEUD30

DIN4102 A2 Non-Flammable, 35 metres:  THCHUTEUD35

DIN4102 A2 Non-Flammable, 40 metres:  THCHUTEUD40

DIN4102 A2 Non-Flammable, 45 metres:  THCHUTEUD45

DIN4102 A2 Non-Flammable, 50 metres:  THCHUTEUD50

DIN4102 A2 Non-Flammable, 55 metres:  THCHUTEUD55

DIN4102 A2 Non-Flammable, 60 metres:  THCHUTEUD60

DIN4102 A2 Non-Flammable, 65 metres:  THCHUTEUD65

DIN4102 A2 Non-Flammable, 70 metres:  THCHUTEUD70

DIN4102 A2 Non-Flammable, 75 metres:  THCHUTEUD75

DIN4102 A2 Non-Flammable, 80 metres:  THCHUTEUD80

DIN4102 A2 Non-Flammable, 85 metres:  THCHUTEUD85

DIN4102 A2 Non-Flammable, 90 metres:  THCHUTEUD90

DIN4102 A2 Non-Flammable, 95 metres:  THCHUTEUD95

DIN4102 A2 Non-Flammable, 100 metres:  THCHUTEUD100

DIN4102 A2 Non-Flammable, 105 metres:  THCHUTEUD105

DIN4102 A2 Non-Flammable, 110 metres:  THCHUTEUD110

DIN4102 A2 Non-Flammable, 115 metres:  THCHUTEUD115

DIN4102 A2 Non-Flammable, 120 metres:  THCHUTEUD120

Brand Axel Thoms Escape Chute

Outer Layer:

Flame-Retardant (standard)

Non-flammable (optional)

Inner Layer:

5x load-bearing belts

smooth fabric spiral

Kit Contents

Entrance frame with handholds

Storage box

2x operation instructions

1x testing log book

Stainless steel mounting fixtures


1m - 120m from ground level


15 years (with annual maintenance)

Mounting Options

Underfloor (external walkways)

Storage Box Material

Weatherproof Metal


15 years (subject to annual maintenance)

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