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Astroflame Intumescent Cable Tray Sleeve

Astroflame Intumescent Cable Tray Sleeve

Discontinued Product

This product has been discontinued.

Product Overview

The Astroflame cable tray sleeve is designed for occasions where a cable tray needs to pass through a fire partition. The opening created in the fire partition can also allow the passage of smoke and flames during a fire. When the cable tray sleeve encounters high temperatures, the intumescent material will expand to seal the hole and block the smoke and flames.

  • 120 minute fire rated
  • Suitable for fire partition walls and floors
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Requires no specialist tools or skills
  • Suitable for retrofit
  • Easily fitted from one side of wall/floor
  • Maintains thermal insulation
  • Provides excellent acoustic insulation
  • Tested to BS 476-22:1987
Product Cable Tray Width Sleeve Width Length
AFCT100 50mm 100mm 150mm
AFCT125 75mm 125mm 150mm
AFCT150 100mm 150mm 150mm
AFCT200 150mm 200mm 150mm
AFCT275 225mm 275mm 150mm
AFCT350 300mm 350mm 150mm
AFCT500 450mm 500mm 150mm
Technical Data
Product Code

50x100x150mm:  AFCT100

75x125x150mm:  AFCT125

100x150x150mm:  AFCT150

150x200x150mm:  AFCT200

300x350x150mm:  AFCT350

450x500x150mm:  AFCT500

Brand Astroflame
Weight 0.20kg
Product Datasheets

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