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6ltr Alcohol Resistant Foam Fire Extinguisher - Thomas Glover

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Product Overview

Standard AFFF foam used in fire extinguishers is ineffective against fires involving alcohols as they can break down the foam and prevent it from creating a blanket to smother the fire. Alcohol resistant foam is designed to effectively tackle fires involving alcohols, flammable hydrocarbons and polar solvents. Often used in refineries and pharmaceutical sites, these cartridge operated fire extinguishers are CE marked and kitemarked to BS EN3. With both A and B ratings, these extinguishers can be used on solid combustibles such as paper and wood, as well as flammable liquids such as petrol, oils, paint, etc.

  • Extinguisher Rating: 13A, 113B
  • CE approved and kitemarked to BS EN3
  • Supplied complete with wall bracket
  • On-site certification available
  • 5 year Warranty on all parts
  • Cartridge operated fire extinguisher
  • Passed the 35kv electrical conductivity test - safe for use on electrical equipment
Technical Data
Product Code TG6FAR
Alternative Product Codes FPRFAR6C
Brand Thomas Glover

6 litre

Dimensions (HxWxDia)


Discharge Range (min)

5 metres

Discharge Time

30 sec.

Extinguisher Agent

AR Alcohol Resistant Foam

Operating Temperature

5°C to 60°C

Working Pressure

15 bar at 20°C

Weight 10.60kg
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