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6ltr Water Mist Fire Extinguisher - Act Fire

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Water Fire Extinguishers

Fights fires of solid materials such as wood, paper, cardboard, fabrics and coal (Class A fires).

Product Overview

The 6ltr water mist fire extinguisher from Act Fire offers excellent fire fighting capabilities on Class A and fires. Dielectrically tested, the extinguisher is safe for use on appliances up to 1,000V. When discharged, the curtain of fine water droplets creates a mist reducing the oxygen content around the fire, extinguishing the flames and prevents re-ignition with an effective cooling blanket effect. Ideal for installations around most premises including homes, offices, and warehouses.

  • Suitable for use on:
    • Solid combustible materials
    • Fire involving electrical equipment up to 1,000V
  • Extinguisher Rating: 21A
  • Dielectrical test passed at 35kV
  • CE marked and UKCA marked
  • Certified to BS EN 3
  • MED approved
  • 100% safe for the environment when discharged
  • Exclusive Safelincs 5 year warranty
  • Available with on-site commissioning and installation
Technical Data
Product Code ACTWM6
Alternative Product Codes S6WM, WM6/1
Brand Act Fire

BS EN 3-7: Yes

CE: Yes

MED: Yes



6 litre

Dielectrical Test

Passed at 35,000V

Dimensions (HxWxDia)

519 x 206 x 163mm

Extinguisher Agent


Operating Temperature

5°C to 60°C

Working Pressure

15 bar at 20°C

Weight 9.86kg
FAQs (4)
Q. How often do water mist extinguishers need servicing?

Traditional metal water mist extinguishers need to be serviced annually by a qualified engineer in the same way that foam, powder and water extinguishers are.

Q. Are water mist extinguishers safe for use around electrical equipment?

Yes, de-ionised water mist fire extinguishers have passed the di-electrical conductivity test, which marks them as safe for use on live electrical equipment up to 1000v in accordance with BS EN3-7. Two key factors differentiate water mist fire extinguishers from traditional water or foam units: 

  • Water mist extinguishers are filled with de-ionised water, which cannot carry electrical current.
  • The microscopic droplets that form the signature mist are too small and too far apart for electricity to flow through them.
Q. Are water mist extinguishers bad for the environment?

No, water mist extinguishers are probably the most environmentally-friendly extinguishers on the market. Our water mist extinguishers contain only de-ionised water – there are no chemicals in the extinguishers. This makes the discharge environmentally friendly and any spill or residue can be easily cleaned up.

Q. Can water mist extinguishers be used on deep fat fryers?

Water mist extinguishers have been certified for use on Class F fires (cooking oils and fats), however following our own independent research, Safelincs does not recommend using water mist on anything above a 5F-rated fire (this is equivalent to an average domestic deep fat fryer). For class F fires above a 5F rating, we recommend a wet chemical extinguisher.

On-Site Commissioning & Installation Available

This product can be purchased with a BAFE certified on-site commissioning or installation package which can be added to your order during the checkout.

Find out more about our Commissioning and Installation Packages

MED Approved

This product is approved by the Marine Equipment Directive and is marked with the MED ship's wheel logo - More info

Excellent Warranty

This product is supplied with a 5 year manufacturers warranty as standard

Customer Reviews

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Rating: 5 / 5 Stars

Reviewed by: A H

Well priced extinguisher and excellent customer service

Published on: 8th April 2024

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