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Fireproof Safes

More info about Fireproof Safes

Fireproof safes in a range of sizes and available with options to suit all needs. Supplied by the leading European manufacturers.

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Fireproof Boxes

Fireproof Boxes

An extensive range of top opening fireproof boxes offering fire and water protection and the ability to protect a variation of contents.

From: £21.19 ex VAT From: £21.19 ex VAT

Security Safes

Security Safes from Phoenix and Alpha

In addition to our fire safe range we also offer security safes for cash and valuables with differing levels of insurance coverage.

From: £44.99 ex VAT From: £44.99 ex VAT

Safe Accessories

Additional shelves, drawers and data protection inserts for Phoenix safes

Additional shelves, drawers & data protection inserts designed for certain models of the Phoenix fireproof & security safe range.

From: £78.00 ex VAT From: £78.00 ex VAT

Key Safes and Storage Devices

Protect between 1 and 96 keys with our range of key safes

Keep keys safe and out of the way of unauthorised persons. Our range of Phoenix storage devices and cabinets protect up to 96 keys.

From: £20.83 ex VAT From: £20.83 ex VAT

Anti-Arson Mailboxes

Fire proof Anti-Arson Letterboxes with a built in automatic fire extinguisher

Anti-arson letterboxes and mail bags eliminate the threat of arson by containing any flammable substance and extinguishing it.

From: £35.89 ex VAT From: £35.89 ex VAT

Document Protection

Metal fire safety document cabinets available in red and white, perfect for storing fire log books

A range of white and red metal document cabinets perfect for storing important documents such as log books and report books.

From: £21.19 ex VAT From: £21.19 ex VAT

Flammable Liquid

Flammable Liquid Cabinets

Flammable liquid cabinets are designed for the safe storage of flammable liquids, chemicals and other flammable substances.

From: £22.59 ex VAT From: £22.59 ex VAT

Storage Cabinets

Fire Safety and Health and Safety Storage Cabinets

Our range of first aid, PPE and COSHH storage cabinets provide protection and security and help compliance with UK legislation.

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Help & Advice

More info about Help & Advice

Help, advice and information for fireproof safes and guidance for selecting the right safe for your requirements.

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Special Offers

Fireproof Safes & Storage Special Offers

A selection of handpicked special offers, offering you great quality products at great prices (for limited periods only).

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Product Videos

Fireproof Safes & Storage Product Videos

View our Fireproof Safes & Storage related product videos, designed to provide you with interactive solutions and overviews.

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Leina First Aid Cabinet with Roller Blind

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