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Fireproof Boxes

Fireproof Boxes

A large range of top opening fireproof boxes for fire and water protection.

From: £20.59 ex VAT

Fireproof Safes

Fire proof safes for the protection of documents, valuable items, cash, photos, memory sticks, hard drives, back-up tapes and much much more

Protect essential documents, valuables, cash and data against fire with our range of fireproof safes.

From: £145.00 ex VAT

Fire and Waterproof Safes

More info about Fire and Waterproof Safes

Our fire and waterproof safes are tested and certified to ensure the safety of your valuables.

From: £159.50 ex VAT

Fireproof Data Safes

More info about Fireproof Data Safes

Safes to help you protect your important data such as floppy disks, DAT tapes, videos, negatives etc.

From: £220.00 ex VAT

Fireproof Filing Cabinets

Protect your paper documents for 90 minutes from fire damage

Fireproof filing cabinets protect files against fire. Special inserts for protection of data tapes available.

From: £474.99 ex VAT

Fireproof Cupboards

Fireproof cupboards for storing large volumes of valuables, documents, cash or digital or magnetic data devices

Protect valuable documents, cash, jewellery, tapes, CDs, photos and videos against fire and water.

From: £497.50 ex VAT

Fireproof Safes by Series

Fireproof Safes by Series

If you know which safe you require, browse our full collection of fireproof safes grouped together by series.

From: £41.99 ex VAT

Components for Phoenix Safes

Additional shelves, drawers and data protection inserts for Phoenix safes

Additional shelves, drawers and data protection inserts designed for Phoenix fire and security Safes.

From: £78.00 ex VAT

Capacity vs Cost Comparison

More info about Comparison of Safe Capacities Vs Costs

A helpful comparison of capacity vs price on our fireproof safes.

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Safe Overview

Overview about our Fire Safes

If you are unsure which fireproof safe or fireproof box is suitable for you, please use our technical overview.

More Information

A guide to types and ratings for fireproof safes

More info about Fireproof safes: a guide to types and fire ratings

A helpful guide to the different types of fireproof safes, their ratings and the different types of media they can protect.

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Whether you’re a private organisation, a medical or education establishment, a church or a community group; you will most likely need to store valuable documents in an easily accessible fashion - and our fireproof filing cabinets can help keep them protected and organised at all times.

We provide high quality fireproof filing cabinets designed to protect a variety of paper, files and other belongings in the event of a fire. Our fireproof filing cabinets offer 90 minutes fire protection for paper and have width-adjustable rails so they’re suitable for foolscap, A4 and A5 sized paper.

Fireproof data safes keep the temperature within the fire safe at low levels for a long time to avoid damage to very temperature sensitive media such as data tapes, videos or photo negatives in the event of a fire. The data safes also keep moisture out which otherwise could damage the data. We are confident we can offer the fireproof data safe you need to protect your valuable equipment. We offer fireproof data safes for a variety of prices so you can rest assured that you’ll find the perfect product for your budget.

We offer a wide range of fireproof boxes designed to protect important documents and other valuable belongings in a fire. Some of the fireproof boxes are also suitable for USB sticks, CDs and even data tapes, video tapes or photo negatives. Boxes with water protection are marked in the listings. Our fireproof boxes are ideal for storing passports, wills, insurance policies, cash, deeds, contracts, certificates and depending upon which model, various types of electronic data. We offer both 30 and 60 minute fireproof boxes which are available in a variety of sizes – so you are sure to find the perfect product for your needs.