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Battery Powered Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Battery Operated Carbon Monoxide Detectors

CO (Carbon Monoxide) detectors protect from the deadly by-product of combustion from boilers and other appliances. Battery units are quick and easy to install.

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Mains Powered Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Mains powered Carbon Monoxide detectors

Mains powered CO detectors are available in hardwired or plug socket versions and are suitable for domestic or business installation

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Boat, Camping & Travel CO Detectors

Boat and Camping CO Detectors

This specialist range of Carbon Monoxide detectors are designed and certified for use when travelling, on boats, in tents and in caravans.

From: £11.29 ex VAT From: £11.29 ex VAT

Project Shout CO Awareness Campaign

More info about Project Shout CO Awareness Campaign

Project Shout is a national safety Campaign to raise general awareness about the dangers of carbon monoxide and the importance of installing a detector. View Products View Products

LED Carbon Monoxide Detector - Honeywell XC70

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