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Sentry Ultimate Student Fire and Personal Security Kit

Discontinued Product

This product has been discontinued.

Product Overview

Our fire and personal security kit includes two Sentry safes, a smoke alarm, Carbon Monoxide detector and a compact fire extinguisher. Both safes are ideal for safely storing your valuables, whilst the CO detector, smoke alarm and extinguisher give you peace of mind in case of a fire or Carbon Monoxide leakage.

  • The ultimate kit for the safety of you and your belongings
  • Sentry X105 security safe protects laptops and valuable devices from theft
  • The Sentry 1100 is a 30 minute fireproof safe to store important papers, discs and memory sticks
  • Kidde 7COC detector gives a clear early warning if deadly Carbon Monoxide is present
  • The Kidde smoke alarm can be silenced if there is a false alarm
  • Both CO detector and smoke alarm are battery operated - no need for wining
  • Compact 1ltr water mist extinguisher can be used on any fire including electrics
  • Extinguisher causes no mess or damage when discharged
Technical Data
Brand Sentry Safes UK
Dimensions (HxWxD)

Sentry X105 Security Safe: 225x430x370mm

Sentry 1100 Fireproof Safe: 155x362x279mm

Kidde 29HD Smoke Alarm: 38x100x100mm

Kidde 7COC CO Detector: 72x126x35mm

1ltr Dry Water Mist Fire Extinguisher: 402x110x110mm


Sentry X105 Security Safe: 11.00kg

Sentry 1100 Fireproof Safe: 6.30kg

Kidde 29HD Smoke Alarm: 0.20kg

Kidde 7COC CO Detector: 0.12kg

1ltr Dry Water Mist Fire Extinguisher: 2.90kg

Weight 20.52kg
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Published on: 19th May 2013

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