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Replacement Smoke Alarm for Discontinued Fireangel Smoke Alarms

If you have smoke alarms from Fireangel and need to replace them, it is really helpful if you do not have to replace the base plate. This avoids you having to drill more holes into the ceiling or having to repaint the ceiling should the new base plate be smaller. Fireangel recently discontinued some of its bestselling smoke alarms and replaced them with improved models. However, the new models don’t all fit the base plate of the old alarms. We have therefore checked on your behalf how to replace your old alarms and have come up with one replacement smoke alarm that fits onto the base plate of all the smoke alarms listed below. This alarm has also an improved specification and a long-life battery which should reduce false alarms and stops the need for battery changes.

Discontinued Smoke Alarm Description of Old Smoke Alarm Replacement Smoke Alarm Description of Replacement Fireangel Alarm
SO601 or SO-601 Optical smoke alarm with alkaline battery ST622 Thermally Enhanced Optical Smoke Alarm with Lithium Longlife Battery
ST620 or ST-620 Optical smoke alarm with longlife battery
SI601 or SI-601 Ionisation smoke alarm with alkaline battery
SI610 or SI-610 Ionisation smoke alarm with longlife battery

The replacement smoke alarm from Fireangel fits the base of the old smoke alarms, however, it has an improved specification.


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