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Photoluminescent Water-Based Paint System

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Escape Route Markings

A range of high quality solutions for marking escape routes outside of standard or illuminated Fire Exit signage.
Product Overview
  • Provides illumination of exit routes during an emergency
  • Use on floors, ceilings, doors and walls
  • Suitable for steel railings
  • Used in offices, factories, shops, schools, hospitals, pubs and clubs
  • Guaranteed illumination in total darkness (glow-in-the dark)
  • Mark railings, doors and floors with this photoluminescent paint
  • It allows safe identification of paths or objects even if the lighting fails
  • Easy to apply
  • Can be applied by brush, roller, or spray system
  • Water-based three part paint system (base, photoluminescent and protective)
  • Available in a pack with all three components or individual coats
Additional Information

The JALITE 310 Photoluminescent Paint System, used in conjunction with JALITE fire safety signs, provides clear escape route markings and a comprehensive way-finding system in total darkness.

The photoluminescent pigment absorbs natural and electrical light and stores the energy. The advantage of this paint system is that no back up power source is needed, when the light source is terminated the material illuminates independently.


The JALITE 310 system is a water based 3 part paint system designed for use on floors, ceilings, doors and walls.


When applying JALITE photoluminescent paint ensure that the complete coverage of the base, photoluminescent and protective coats has been applied.

Technical Data
Product Code JS310KIT5
Brand Jalite signs
Weight 15.00kg

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