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Photoluminescent Self-Adhesive Marker Tapes - 10 Meter Rolls

Discontinued Product

This product has been discontinued.

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  • Heavy duty floor marking
  • Photoluminescent (glow-in-the-dark)
  • Easy to apply

£875.99 inc VAT

£729.99 ex VAT

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Product Overview

The priority in an emergency situation requiring evacuation is to enable occupants to leave the building quickly and safely. It is therefore important that escape routes and any obstacles or changes in level along these routes are highlighted. Photoluminescent tapes provide a cost-effective way of identifying obstacles, dangerous locations and traffic routes. Jalite tapes can be seen in darkness (glow-in-the dark) and provide visible escape route illumination.

There are three tape designs available:
  • Plain vinyl tape
    • Hi-light skirting/hand rail, general illumination of stairway and escape route
  • Striped vinyl tape
    • Green: safe condition, zone marking, door and emergency escape identification
    • Red: hi-light fire fighting equipment and obstacle marking
    • Black: danger zone marking, hi-light unsafe exits and hazard identification
  • Arrowed vinyl tape
    • Hi-light directional route marking, skirting/hand rail and use for way-finding identification
    • Available with man only, man and 'Exit' text or man and 'Fire Exit' text
    • Each roll comes plain, with transparent stick-on left and right direction signs
  • All are available with a width of 40mm and 80mm
  • Adheres to BS ISO 3864-1 : 2011
  • Supplied in 10 meter rolls
Technical Data
Product Code
Plain Vinyl Tape, 40mm JSVT1004
Striped: Red, 40mm JSSG1004
Striped: Black, 40mm JSWT1004
Striped: Green, 40mm JSGT1004
Arrowed: No Text, 40mm JSAT1004
Arrowed: "Exit" Text, 40mm JSTE1004
Arrowed: "Fire Exit" Text, 40mm JSTFE1004
Plain Vinyl Tape, 80mm JSVT1008
Striped: Red, 80mm JSSG1008
Striped: Black, 80mm JSWT1008
Striped: Green, 80mm JSGT1008
Arrowed: No Text, 80mm JSAT1008
Arrowed: "Exit" Text, 80mm JSTE1008
Arrowed: "Fire Exit" Text, 80mm JSTFE1008
Brand Jalite signs
Weight 0.40kg

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