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The Safelincs installation process for P50 service-free extinguishers

P50 service free fire extinguishers

When you purchase a P50 service-free extinguisher you will not need an extinguisher servicing engineer’s visit for a full ten years. With this in mind it's very important that you are correctly covered at the outset. To ensure that you have the correct number of extinguishers in the correct place Safelincs automatically includes a free site survey and free professional installation with each purchase.

Here is the simple step by step process of your P50 service-free extinguisher install once you have placed your order with us:

  1. Your free site survey, carried out by our certified service engineers, will be arranged with you. This will identify if your selected extinguishers will provide your property with the correct cover. Quite often we will be able to reduce the number of extinguishers you require in comparison to your existing cover. This is due to the very high fire fighting ratings of the P50 and the fact that we replace combination fire points (a water based extinguisher plus a CO2 extinguisher) with just one foam extinguisher (please note that P50 foam extinguishers are safe on live electrical equipment up to 1000V/1m)
  2. We then install and commission your P50 extinguishers. P50s are usually wall hung on brackets supplied by us free of charge. Should you wish our engineers to use extinguisher stands instead, these can be supplied at an additional cost. Please let the engineer know at the time of the site survey.
  3. Certification of your extinguisher cover. Our engineer will complete all relevant documentation and certification of your extinguishers. Your responsible person will also have to sign the certificate to confirm that the work carried out has actually been received.
  4. We will then train your staff in the visual inspection of the P50 extinguishers. The visual inspection is very simple and must be carried out once a year. We will also issue you with a training certificate to show which of your staff members have been trained. Please note that, like for any extinguishers, you should carry out a simple inspection of your extinguishers at least monthly, checking that they are in the correct place, charged and undamaged. All your inspections should be recorded in your fire safety logbook. Safelincs offers a free online fire safety logbook
  5. We recommend that, as you have changed your extinguisher service routine, you notify your insurer of the change, ensuring you remain fully covered. For this purpose we issue you with a standard letter which you need to address to your insurance company. All major insurances accept the P50 service-free extinguishers.

You are now fully covered by our P50 extinguishers. Should, although unlikely, any defect occur during their ten year warranty period, please inform us and we will immediately replace free of charge.

After ten years, we offer a refurbishment service. The extinguishers will then be fit for service for another ten years.