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Oak Dorgard Effects - Special Edition

Oak Dorgard <br>*Special Edition*

Discontinued Product

This product has been discontinued.

Product Overview

Completely wireless and battery operated the Dorgard holds open fire doors safely and legally. The Dorgard is an inconspicuous unit that is suitable for installation in nursing homes, offices, schools, hospitals and many more locations. Designed to both improve access for users within a premises (helping you to conform to the Equality Act 2010) and to avoid legal fines caused by holding open fire doors.

The Dorgard not only has a CE mark and complies to BS EN 1155 and BS 7273-4 Category C but as importantly it is accepted by UK fire services. Also, being manufactured in the UK, the Dorgard is produced to a high standard which allows us to offer an exclusive 5 year warranty

Using acoustic technology the Dorgard automatically releases the hold-open foot upon 'hearing' a fire alarm, closing the door and improving the fire integrity of your premises. Dorgard units can be installed within 5 minutes and should be tested to ensure that they are working in the installed environment.

Technical Data
Product Code FCDGOAK
Brand Fireco
Weight 0.94kg

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