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Fire Training Tray - LPG Gas Powered

Fire Training Tray - LPG Gas Powered

Discontinued Product

This product has been discontinued.

Product Overview

Supplied assembled ready for operation, the fire training tray is designed for use by instructors to simulate test fires during training exercises. Powered by LPG (propane or butane) the fire training tray is supplied with a pressure control device, allowing complete control of the gas flow. The training tray has a durable stainless steel construction and is provided with four height adjustable feel for stability on uneven ground or secure vehicle transportation.

  • Simulates test fires for fire fighting training purposes
  • Enables trainees to gain hands-on experience
  • Operated by LPG gas (not included)
  • Designed for use by qualified and authorised personnel
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Fitted with four adjustable feet for secure placement on the ground and in vehicles
  • Features a pressure control device to control the flow of gas
  • Components include:
    • Stainless steel tray complete with discharge water ball valve and pyrostatic valve
    • Primer alcohol tray for initial lighting (methylated spirit)
    • 8 metre rubber tube with non-return valve
    • Lighting wand for safe re-ignition

Please Note: These units are not held as stock and are manufactured to order. Returned units will be subject to a 10% re-stocking fee.

Instructions for Use


This apparatus is supplied assembled ready to operate. Initially check for any damage in transit and that all items are complete.

The tray must be located in a well ventilated location, ensure the height of the feet are adjusted to make the tray steady on the ground. Connect the flexible gas tube to the bottle and to the thermoelectrical valve placed under the tray.


    1. Place the propane cylinder at 8 metres from the tray
    2. Ensure the water discharge ball valve is closed
    3. Assemble the rubber tube to the pyrostatic valve using the special band noting the direction of the non-return valve is correct
    4. Fix the rubber tube to the pressure control device using the special band
    5. Fix the pressure control device to the gas bottle
    6. Half fill the tray with COLD water
    7. Be sure that the valve of the gas bottle is closed
    8. Check for correct discharge of the gas from the tube pushing the push button on the pyrostatic valve on the side of the tray
    9. Part fill primer tray with alcohol
    10. Light the alcohol using the ignition 'wand' provided
    11. Push the pyrostatic valve button for about 5 seconds
    12. Open the valve of the gas cylinder
    13. Control the exit pressure of gas using the pressure control device (3.5 bar suggested). Ignition takes place.
    14. Proceed with the fire training
    15. Light the alcohol using the ignition 'wand' provided. When test fire is extinguished, after about 10 seconds, the pyrostatic valve activates stopping gas flow automatically
    16. After all test are completed; remove pressure from the tube using the pressure control device
    17. Turn off gas valve
    18. Empty alcohol tray and dispose of any residual alcohol safely
    19. Flush out tray with clean water and dry

Please note: If using an extinguisher designed to prevent re-ignition, for example foam, water with additive or wet chemical etc. you will need to clean out the tray thoroughly between each use, otherwise, the unit will not re-ignite.

Technical Data
Product Code HSFTT2
Brand Homesaver

Stainless steel

Dimensions (HxWxD)


Weight 10.00kg
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