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Sona Stove Guard - SGEL-SN-1

Discontinued Product

This product has been discontinued.

Product Overview

Consisting of an intelligent heat sensor and a control unit, the Sona Stove Guard SGEL-SN-1 by FireAngel is an innovative safety device that effectively prevents electric cooker fires from starting. Attached to the cooker hood or wall, the intelligent heat sensor assesses the temperature of the cooker top and its rate of rise, identifying when a hazardous situation occurs. On detection of a hazard, the heat sensor wirelessly communicates with the control unit, which in turn cuts off the electricity supply to the cooker. Ideal for a range of applications, the Sona Stove Guard helps to promote independent living and improve kitchen safety.

  • Provides intelligent fire prevention technology
  • Monitors cooker top overheating and detects abnormal changes in temperature
  • Consists of a heat sensor and a separate control unit:
    • Heat sensor attaches to the cooker hood using magnets or to the wall using screws
    • Control unit is installed behind the cooker and connected to the electricity
  • Suitable for electric cookers only
  • Heat sensor wirelessly communicates to the control unit using radio connection
  • If a hazard is detected, the heat sensor alarms and the control unit cuts off the electricity supply to the cooker
  • Designed to act before a fire is ignited
  • Heat sensor intelligently learns the users' cooking styles
  • Intelligent timer recognises when the hob has been left on
  • Sensor dislocation alarm feature prevents cooker use if the sensor is removed
  • Automatic fault diagnosis analyses the heat sensor, control unit and radio connection link
  • Recognises when smoke, CO and gas alarms sound and triggers to turn the cooker off
  • Heat sensor is powered by solar panels, using a battery for back-up power
  • Long 15 year sensor working life
  • 1 year warranty
  • Supplied with a silver cover as standard
  • Promotes independent living and improves kitchen safety
  • Ideal for a range of applications including homes for the elderly, people with special needs and student accommodation

Please note: the control unit needs to be connected to the cooker and should be installed by a qualified electrician.

Technical Data
Product Code FASOSTG
Alternative Product Codes SGK510, SGK-510
Brand FireAngel
Back-Up Battery

Self-charging Lithium Battery

Dimensions (HxWxD)


Sound Output



1 year

Weight 0.50kg
Product Datasheets
FAQs (4)
Q. Can the Innohome Stove Guard be used with gas cookers as well as electric?

The Innohome Stove Guard is supplied with a junction box and cable suitable for connection to an electric cooker. Currently, the Stove Guard is only suitable for electric cookers in the UK; however the product is in the development stages for gas cooker suitability.

Q. I don't have a hood above my cooker. How can I install the Innohome alarm?

Both the Innohome Stove Alarm and Stove Guard feature integrated magnets which allow for the sensors to be fitted to the cooker hood. In cases where there is no cooker hood, the sensors can be fitted to the wall using screws. Installation instructions are supplied with each unit.

Q. How does the Innohome alarm recognise the difference between when I'm cooking and a hazard happening?

When first installed, the Innohome alarm needs to adjust to the installation environment and the users' cooking styles. If the sensor sounds during a normal cooking situation, press the reset button on the sensor during the pre-alarm signal. This will enable the sensor to reduce its sensitivity and learn that the situation was not hazardous.

Q. What's the difference between the Innohome Stove Alarm and the Stove Guard?

The Innohome Stove Alarm is an intelligent heat sensor that monitors the cooker top temperature and its rate of rise. The sensor sounds an alarm when the temperature exceeds safe levels, providing an alert for you to switch off the cooker as soon as possible. The Innohome Stove Guard is made up of two parts - a heat sensor and a control unit. The heat sensor works in the same way as the Stove Alarm; however it has built-in wireless capability that sends a signal to the control unit which is connected to the cookers electricity supply. When triggered, the control unit cuts off the power to the cooker, effectively preventing a fire from igniting.

Customer Reviews

5 customers have given this product an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5

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Rating: 5 / 5 Stars

Reviewed by:

The Stove Guard is a great safety product We haven't had to test the unit in real conditions but it is comforting that it interrupted the cooking once or twice during training. Only criticism is that in the middle of cooking a while after installation trying to remember what the various bleeps mean is a little difficult for a 'bear of little brain'.

Published on: 15th October 2017

Rating: 5 / 5 Stars

Reviewed by:

Brilliant product. Finally a solution to make sure my mum doesn't set fire to the kitchen!

Published on: 22nd April 2014

Rating: 5 / 5 Stars

Reviewed by:

Brilliant idea! I bought this alarm to stop my 2 year old turning the cooker on. i had to pay a bit of money to get it fitted by my sparky but since its been fitted she cant turn the cooker on and its 1less thing i need to worry aboyut.

Published on: 16th April 2014

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