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Free Defibrillator Maintenance Checklist - PDF Download

Product Overview

Keep track of defibrillator maintenance checks with our easy-to-use free printable checklist. Record weekly, bi-weekly or monthly maintenance checks, noting the status of the AED and reporting any issues. Easily keep track of battery and defib pad expiry dates and re-order when required.

Defibrillators perform a self-check regularly, but visual checks are required to monitor the status of your defibrillator and to action any issues it has found. AEDs should always be ready for use and so regular checks are critical.

Inspection Services

We offer an AED inspection service by trained engineers who will visit your site and perform a full inspection of your AED, pads, battery, and cabinet or wall bracket.

Free Reminder Service

We also offer a free reminder service which will automatically send you SMS or email reminders when your defibrillator pads or batteries need replacing.

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