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Easydor Door Operator and Closer

Easydor Door Operator and Closer

Discontinued Product

This product has been discontinued.

Product Overview

The Easydor acts as an overhead door closer whilst also working as a low energy opener, either by manual use or automatic operation using radio-frequency push buttons.  The door operator and closer requires no wiring and enables easy access for high traffic applications. The Easydor is battery operated and is ideal for use where automatic operation is occasionally required. Designed for internal use, the Easydor is supplied with two radio-frequency push buttons and has been tested to 1 million cycles.

  • Acts as a door operator and door closer
  • Wire free: internal battery pack
  • 12 year battery life
  • Heavy duty, low energy closer
  • Incorporates a unique regenerative drive system
  • Supplied with two radio-frequency push buttons
  • Radio-frequency range: 26m
  • For use on doors which will be cycled approximately:
    • 80 times a day - manually
    • 20 times a day - automatically
  • Provided with an optional external 240V AC supply for frequent automatic door opening installations
  • Suitable for a maximum door weight of 113kg
  • Adjustable opening/closing force
  • Door opening angle: 95°
  • Programmable opening and closing time: 3.5 to 13 seconds
  • Programmable hold open time: 1 to 30 seconds
  • Ideal for schools, hospitals and other high traffic environments

Please note: A site survey has to be carried out on every premises before installation. Once the survey has been completed, a quotation will be provided for the supply and installation.
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The Easydor is a door opening and closing device that can be used on single and double right or left hand doors. It is suitable for doors measuring 910mm to 1220mm wide with a maximum weight of 113kg. The Easydor allows for doors to be opened manually or by remote push button for automatic opening.

Regenerative Drive System

The regenerative drive system negates the need for an electrical power source. It works by generating a charge for the onboard battery pack each time the door closes. The Easydor is ideal for high traffic applications where manual door opening is carried out approximately 80 times a day and automatic opening happens approximately 20% or less per day. By following the 80/20 guideline, the regenerative drive system will continue to charge the onboard battery pack, enabling a battery life of up to 12 years. If the door needs to be opened automatically using the radio-frequency push button more often than it is opened manually, then the optional external 240V AC supply can be used.

Our price: £1649.00 ex VAT (£1978.80 inc VAT)

Technical Data
Product Code FCDESYDR
Brand Fireco
Closing Force

Adjustable to 3.6kg

Dimensions (HxWxD)


Max. Door Weight


Opening Angle

Up to 95°

Power Type

Internal battery with approx 12 yr life

Transmitter Range


Weight 1.50kg

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