Deafgard Travel Fire Alarm Monitor

The Deafgard is a battery powered device designed to be an ideal travel companion for the deaf and hard of hearing. It has a normal clock and alarm with mute and snooze functions, as with any travel alarm, but Deafgard's main purpose is as a fire alarm monitor. When the acoustic sensor detects a fire alarm the connected strobe pad, placed under a pillow or chair cushion, and integrated strobe light will activate, alerting the user to the potential emergency.

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Battery Powered

The Deafgard is a battery powered device, so you don't have to worry about available power sockets or travel adaptors and there are no cables to limit portability.


Designed to fulfil the guidance in BS 5446-3, the Deafgard also complies with BS EN 61000-6 Parts 1 & 3 to ensure suitability in residential, commercial & light-industrial environments.

Acoustic Sensor

The Deafgard features an integrated acoustic sensor to listen for the sound of fire alarms between 60 and 90dB in volume, so no wiring or direct connection is needed for it to work.

Self Test

When batteries are inserted, and every week afterwards, the Deafgard performs an automatic self test & shows "SELF" on screen. Hold Mute/Snooze for 4 seconds to test manually.

Manufactured in the UK

All Fireco products, including the Deafgard, are manufactured in the UK. This not only supports UK jobs, but also allows for quicker shipments and dispatch.

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  • Strobe & Pad
  • Travel Alarm Clock
  • DDA Compliance
  • Peace of Mind
Strobe & Pad

To make sure users are warned of a potential fire the Deafgard employs 3 tactics. First: the connected pad which has been placed under your pillow or seat cushion will vibrate intensely. Second: a powerful LED strobe light on top of the unit will flash brightly to grab your attention across the room. Third: the screen on the Deafgard will show "FIRE", compared to the alarm clock function which continues to show the time.

Travel Alarm Clock

As well as being a portable fire alarm monitor, the Deafgard also functions as a proper travel alarm. The LCD screen will display the current time as standard and can be programmed with an alarm, to wake you up in the morning or remind you of the time to check out. The vibrating pad and strobe light will also activate for the travel alarm function, but the screen will continue showing the time instead of "FIRE".

DDA Compliance

Hotels, guest houses, and other sleeping accommodation can purchase Deafgard units so that they are available whenever the need arises. This will help your organisation ensure compliance with various aspects of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 relating to the warning of occupants and enabling their safe escape from the premises.

Peace of Mind

The Deafgard provides peace of mind and reassurance to family members, friends, and yourself. Your independence should not be impacted by any hearing difficulties, but unfortunately you can't always rely on hotels around the world having suitable means of warning you in the event of a fire or other emergency. Taking your own Deafgard on your travels, with spare batteries, will remove this worry entirely.

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Excellent product

Published on: 9th July 2019

Rating: 5 / 5 Stars

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Amazing equipment & test fire alarm everything working & very pleasing with these ! Excessive cost but worth to purchase!

Published on: 1st July 2017