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Defibtech Lifeline AED & Auto Defibrillator Wall Cabinet

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Product Overview

Suitable for indoor use, this wall mounted cabinet is designed for use with the Defibtech Lifeline AED or Auto defibrillator and is available with or without an audible alarm. The clear vision panel allows the defibrillator to be seen at all times and the device remains fully accessible in case of an emergency.

  • Designed for use with the Defibtech Lifeline AED or Auto defibrillator
  • Suitable for indoor use
  • Available with or without audible alarm to help deter mis-use
  • Alarmed version - sounds when the door is opened
  • Provides a central storage location for your defibrillator
  • Clear front vision panel allows the device to be seen at all times
  • Unlocked - the defibrillator remains fully accessible in case of an emergency
  • Identifies where the device needs to be returned to after use or maintenance

The table below shows the defibrillators that can be stored using this cabinet.

Model Number
Defibtech Lifeline AED Defibrillator
Defibtech Lifeline Auto Defibrillator
Technical Data
Product Code

Without Alarm:  STJDAEDC

With Alarm:  STJDAEDCA

Brand Defibtech
Dimensions (HxWxD)



Defibtech Lifeline AED & Auto Defibrillators

Weight 7.00kg
FAQs (2)
Q. Are locked AED cabinets allowed?

For added security against misuse you may wish to have a lockable cabinet, for indoor cabinets, it is important that the key or key holder is easily accessible so that the defib can be removed quickly in the event of an emergency.

For outdoor cabinets, code locks give additional security against casual vandalism and theft, but may signal the device is valuable and other crime prevention measures, like door-open alarms and tracking devices, should be considered instead of or as well as a code lock. This is in line with guidance from the Resuscitation Council UK. If your defib is to used as a public access device, you will need to make sure that your local ambulance service is willing to store the access code so that in an emergency the cabinet can be unlocked.

Q. Can defibrillators be kept outside or in low temperatures?

Defibrillators can be kept outside but must be kept in specially designed outdoor heated cabinets to protect them against the elements. Defibrillators have an operating temperature, usually between 0 °C to +50 °C, if the temperature falls below 0 °C the defib may not work as expected. Prolonged exposure to low temperatures is likely to significantly shorten the service life of the battery and affect the performance of the pads. Most defibs have an IP Rating of IP55 meaning that prolonged exposure to wind (dust) and rain may also damage the defib meaning that it may not work when required in an emergency.

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Model Stock Price
Without Alarm
Product Code: STJDAEDC
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£310.19 inc VAT

£258.49 ex VAT

With Alarm
Product Code: STJDAEDCA
Stock Level:
2 in stock Expected dispatch: Today

£329.99 inc VAT

£274.99 ex VAT

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