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Cig-Arrête SD Evolution Combined Sounder/Flasher with Voice Warning

Cig-Arrête SD Evolution Combined Sounder/Flasher with Voice Warning

Discontinued Product

This product has been discontinued.

Product Overview

These combined sounder and flasher units are designed for use with Cig-Arrête SD Evolution smoke and flame detectors. Often located outside rest rooms or in security monitoring stations, when connected to the smoke and flame detectors they can provide an additional warning or serve to notify staff of an infraction. The standard unit can be connected to smoke and flame detectors using 7 x 0.2mm stranded cable while the wireless version can interconnect without the need of additional wiring.

Please note: SD Evolution units require at least one IR remote control unit. You do not need one remote for each unit as they can control multiple units.

Cig-Arrete detector products available on a lead time are made to order and as such cannot be returned.

Technical Data
Product Code RDCSAFSU
Brand Radal Technology
Weight 0.50kg
Product Datasheets
FAQs (1)
Q. Do you require a remote for each Cig-Arrete detector or is it possible to have one remote to control multiple detectors?

The remote control will operate all the SD Evolution devices so you would only need one remote no matter how many detectors you have in your installation.

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