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Buying Guides

Smoke Alarm Buying Guide

Smoke Alarm Buying Guide An explanation of the different types of smoke alarms. Also, common terms and standards.

Comparison of Smoke Alarms

Smoke Alarm Overview A list of our smoke alarms with a recommendation where they should be used.

How are P50 Extinguishers Different?

P50 service-free fire extinguisher features Read about the differences between P50 fire extinguishers and traditional metal extinguishers.

CO Detector Buying Guide

What is the cheapest CO detector? We help you find the best value carbon monoxide detector.

Comparison of CO Alarms

More info about Overview of Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms The table below show an overview of our carbon monoxide detector range.

Defibrillator Buying Guide

Which defibrillator should I buy? A helpful guide to the different types of defibrillators and their features.

Fire Door Retainer Buying Guide

More info about Types of Fire Door Retainers Information about the different types of fire door retainer available and their uses.

Comparison of Fire Door Retainers

More info about Door Retainer Model Overview

A comprehensive overview of the models, features and pricing of our fire door retainers range.

Fireproof Safes Buying Guide

More info about Fireproof Safes & Storage Buying Guide

A helpful guide to the different types of fireproof safes, their ratings and the different types of media they can protect.

Emergency Lighting Buying Guide

More info about Maintained vs Non-Maintained Emergency Lights For Businesses A helpful guide to maintained and non-maintained emergency lighting for businesses.

Fire Alarm Systems Buying Guide

An Overview of Fire Alarm Systems

Help and guidance on fire alarm systems, who specifies the level of alarm system required and the types of panel available.

Gas Detector Buying Guide

Gas detection help guide

Help and information about flammable and poisonous gas detection equipment for personal and commercial use.