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Breakout Emergency Escape Device

Breakout Emergency Escape Device

Discontinued Product

This product has been discontinued.

Product Overview

Breakout is a small but powerful device that could prove to be an essential part of your emergency fire escape plan. Ideal for use on restricted and non-opening windows, the Breakout emergency escape device shatters single and double glazed windows at the press of a button. Breakout is easy to install using the self-adhesive backing which forms a strong bond with the window, and the unit is fitted with a safety pin to avoid accidental activation. In the event of emergency simply remove the safety pin and strike the red button at the front of the device. The window glass will shatter, allowing you to escape within seconds.

  • Designed for use on single and double glazed windows
  • Simple to install - self-adhesive backing bonds to the window
  • Requires no wiring or batteries
  • Shatters the window at the push of a button
  • Safety pin designed to avoid accidental activation
  • Lets you escape in seconds
  • User friendly operation
  • CE marked
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Ideal for non-accessible or restricted escape windows
Technical Data
Product Code LMIBO
Brand Lymore
Dimensions (HxDia)



Single and double glazed windows

Weight 0.22kg
Product Datasheets

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