Fire service issue reminder about carbon monoxide

After several devastating deaths over the summer reported to be due to carbon monoxide poisoning the fire brigade have again alerted the public to the dangers of carbon monoxide.

As we now enter the autumn months and evening temperatures start to drop people are beginning to start up their central heating and put their fires on. It is essential that after a prolonged period of not being used appliances are checked and flues are cleared from any blockages.

Gas boilers and fires should be serviced every year and homes with open fires or wood burning stoves should ensure that chimneys are swept annually too.  Failure to carry out these simple steps could result in carbon monoxide being present and occupants becoming unwell or even dying from carbon monoxide poisoning.

This warning comes after another case was highlighted where a woman was lucky to escape with her life, her two pet birds, however, were not so lucky and tragically died.

Ensure that the engineer who services your gas appliances is registered to do so. Ask to see his/her identification card or alternatively you can get information on who is Gas Safe registered from

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