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Anti-Arson Mailboxes and Letterboxes

Anti-arson letterboxes, fireproof mailbags and letterbox blocking devices eliminate the threat of arson by either preventing burning substances entering the property or containing them and extinguishing them. Most models have an integrated automatic fire extinguisher to extinguish the flames.

Mailguard Anti-Arson Mailbag

The Mailguard Anti-Arson Mailbag catches and contains burning objects and liquids placed through your letterbox. Suitable for most UPVC doors and wooden doors, this bag eliminates fire outbreaks.

  • Protection against the increasing risk of arson attacks
  • Made from a fire-resistant material which eliminates fire outbreaks
  • Suitable for most UPVC doors and wooden doors
  • Dimensions: 500 x 460mm

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Mailguard Anti-Arson Mailbag with Extinguisher

Suitable for wooden doors, and most UPVC doors, the anti-arson mailbag features an extinguisher that stops the threat of arson attacks through your letterbox aperture. Extinguishes fires in seconds.

  • Contains flammable objects and liquids and extinguishes them
  • Extinguisher activates in seconds when a fire is detected
  • Suitable for most UPVC doors and wooden doors
  • Dimensions: 500 x 460mm

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What are anti-arson mailboxes and bags?

What are anti-arson mailboxes and bags?

One of the larger fire risks in business districts and sometimes even in residential areas is arson, and sadly not only during riots. Usually, petrol is poured through the letter box and then set alight with a lit rag pushed through the letterbox. Arson endangers lives and property and in the case of an arson attack through the front door, the fire will actually block the main route of escape, increasing the risk to people even more. To protect yourself or your business against arson attacks, install anti-arson mailboxes on the back of your entrance doors or letter openings. The mailboxes will catch the burning liquid and extinguish the fire. There are two models of anti-arson mailboxes available: Mailboxes with integrated automatic extinguishers and a model with intumescent bag design, only. In the latter case the bag material swells through the heat and suffocates the fire.