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Analox Ax60+ Fixed CO2 Monitor, Sensor and Alarm Kit

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Product Overview

The Analox Ax60+ system is designed to detect CO2 (carbon dioxide) to high levels of accuracy in environments that are at risk of raised concentrations of the deadly gas with HSE allowing exposure no higher than 5,000ppm averaged over an 8-hour working period – just 0.5% in the air. This starter kit consists of a high-resolution central display & monitoring unit, a CO2 monitor, and one alarm unit with a blue strobe. In-built relays can be used to activate extraction fans or close gas valves.

  • Warranty: 5 years on electronics and CO2 sensors
  • Ideal for restaurants, breweries, pubs, cellars, and any other locations using or producing carbon dioxide
  • 2 x in-built relays for additional safety mechanisms
  • Easy expansion with additional sensors and alarms ay any time:
    • Up to 4 sensors per display unit
    • Up to 4 alarms per sensor
    • Max total of 8 alarms per display unit
  • Central display unit: Hi-res backlit LCD display, variable power options
  • Alarm unit: 80dB audible alarm with 100cd blue strobe light
  • Sensor unit: NDIR sensor, triggers at 0.5% TWA, response under 30 seconds
  • All units are IP Rated – see Technical Data for more information
  • CE marked, certified by UL and TUV, compliant with EH40 regulations
  • Ready to install with a simple Quick Connect system, wall mounted
Technical Data
Product Code ANAX60PKIT1B
Brand Analox
Alarm set-points (EH40)

TWA: 5,000ppm (0.5%)

AL1: 15,000ppm (1.5%)

CO2: 30,000ppm (3.0%)

Options: Set-points can be changed by user

Beacon Type

White LED strobe with Blue filter, 100cd output


Quick Connect system

Dimensions (HxWxD)

Central display unit: 106 x 175 x 67mm

CO2 sensor: 132 x 72 x 52mm

Alarm unit: 132 x 45 x 72mm


Backlit LCD dot matrix

Input Voltage

AC: 100-240V

DC: 24V

IP Rating

Central display unit: IP54

CO2 sensor: IP55

Alarm unit: IP55

Max Number of Devices per Display Unit

Sensors: 4 x O2 / CO2 sensors per central display unit

Alarm units per sensor: Up to 4 x Alarms per sensor unit

Max alarms per display unit: Up to 8 x Alarms total per central display unit

Measurement Range

0 - 50,000ppm (0% to 5%)

Mounting Options

Fixed, wall mounted

Operating Temperature

System: -5°C to 50°C

Power Consumption

24W max

Relay Options

2 x configurable relays rated for 250V AC / 30V DC, 3A max

Response time

<30 seconds

Sensor Type

NDIR - Nondispersive infrared CO2

Sound Output

Alarm unit: Minimum 80dB at 3 metres

Start up time

System: 40 seconds


System: 5 years on electronics and CO2 sensor

Weight 2.34kg
Product Datasheets
FAQs (2)
Q. Do I need a CO2 (carbon dioxide) detector for my home?

In most cases you do not need a CO2 detector or alarm system in your home. Though it is poisonous at higher concentrations, carbon dioxide is generally not produced in significant amounts by typical household activities – even gas appliances and open fires do not create levels of any real danger. The most likely scenario where it would be advisable is home-brewing in which CO2 cylinders are used. Some larger fish tanks and aquariums can employ the use of carbon dioxide too. If any of these describe your home then a CO2 monitoring and alarm system is highly recommended.

Q. Can I expand my Analox Ax60+ system if needed?

Yes! This version of the Analox Ax60+ features Quick Connect. This allows the easy, hassle-free addition of extra sensor and alarm-strobe units at any time after purchase of the initial kit. The central display unit allows for up to 4 sensors, and each of the sensors can take up to 4 alarm units. Each central display unit can support a maximum of 8 alarms in each system. This means, for example, you could have 4 sensors with...

Sensor A – 4 alarms
Sensor B – 1 alarm
Sensor C – 2 alarms
Sensor D – 1 alarm

...for the maximum of 8 alarms, but you could not have 4 sensors each with 4 alarms as this would come to 16 alarms. The maximums applied help to keep the system cost-effective while also suiting most scenarios.

Pricing & Availability

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£616.91 inc VAT

£514.09 ex VAT

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