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Cellarsafe Mains Powered CO2 and O2 Detector

This product has been discontinued

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available to buy. Please see our alternative product: Portable CO2 Detector Gasman with charger.

Product Overview

The Crowcon Cellarsafe is designed for use in breweries, laboratories and cellars, with the ability to detect carbon dioxide and / or oxygen. Reacting to the manufacturers pre-set levels, the Cellarsafe unit will pre-alarm if the unit detects the lower threshold of either gas (1.5% for CO2 and 19.5% for O2) and will fully alarm should the gas level reach the higher threshold (3% for CO2 and 18% for O2).

When monitoring the amount of oxygen in the unit's environment, the Cellarsafe is designed to warn persons that levels of oxygen have fallen to dangerous levels in terms of breathing, and reacting similarly if CO2 rises to potentially dangerous high levels.

  • Clear, backlit display
  • 82dB audio alarm
  • Mains powered (Plug in) unit supplied with 2m cable
  • Remote repeater unit supplied with 9m cable 
  • Minimum 5 year sensor life
  • Wide operational temperature range
  • 1 year warranty 
  • Manufactured in the UK by Crowcon
  • IP65 protected
  • Complies to German TRSK-313, TRSK-400 and TRSK-403 standards
  • Calibration recommended every 6 months
  • Available with two sensor types
    • CO2 only (carbon dioxide)
    • CO2 and O2 sensor (carbon dioxide and oxygen)
  • Units are always manufactured to order to prolong the units life: delivery 21 to 28 days
Delivery Time

The Cellarsafe CO2 and O2 detectors are manufactured upon placement of an order and a lead time of 2-3 weeks may be applicable from the date of order. All units are manufactured to order, to give the maximum working life before calibration is required.

Technical Data

This is the technical data for the Cellarsafe Mains Powered CO2 and O2 Detector.

Dimensions (HxWxD) Remote Repeater Unit: 143x56x41mm
Cellarsafe Unit: 210x150x75mm
Operating Voltage Cellarsafe Unit: 230V
Operating Temperature Remote Repeater Unit: 0C to 50 C
Cellarsafe Unit: 0C to 50C
IP Rating Cellarsafe Unit: IP 65
Remote Repeater Unit: IP54
Humidity Range Cellarsafe Unit: 0 to 99% Relative Humidity

Data Sheets

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