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9V Radio-Interlinked Smoke & Heat Alarms with Sealed Ten Year Lithium Battery - Ei600TYCRF Series

Radio-Interlinked Optical Smoke Alarm - Ei605TYCRF
Radio-Interlinked Optical Smoke Alarm - Ei605TYCRF
£103.19 ex VAT
£123.83 inc VAT
Radio-Interlinked Heat Alarm - Ei603TYCRF
Radio-Interlinked Heat Alarm - Ei603TYCRF
£109.19 ex VAT
£131.03 inc VAT
Total From:
£103.19 ex VAT
£123.83 inc VAT

The Ei600TYCRF series smoke and heat alarms with 10 year sealed lithium battery give total peace of mind over the entire product life without ever having to change batteries. These alarms are also widely accepted as an alternative to BS5839-pt6 Grade D (mains powered, interlinked alarms). Installing these units cuts out the need for an electrician, visible wiring and hence avoids mess and disruption.

  • Battery powered radio-interlinked optical smoke alarms with 10 year battery life. You never have to change batteries in the 10 year lifespan of product
  • Ideal for extensions and newly decorated properties
  • Requires no cables between units and no mains power supply
  • Up to 12 radio-interlinked smoke alarms or heat alarms can be interlinked
  • RF range: 150 metres (minimum) in free space and up to 30 metres in buildings
  • Suitable for installations complying to BS 5839-6: 2013 Grade F. Usually accepted as alternative to Grade D
  • Built-in radioLINK repeater function allows for the RF signal to work around obstructions
  • Digitally coded to avoid interference with neighbouring systems
  • Optical version VdS approved to BS EN 14604:2005 and CE marked
  • Can be used with manual break points and control switches
  • Features - smoke alarm: test and hush button, heat alarm - test button only
  • Made by Ei Electronics in Ireland
  • 5 year warranty
  • If you are required to install BS5839 pt 6 grade D, present a print out of this page to your Building Inspector before purchasing to ensure that they will be accepted.

The table below shows all the units that can interconnect with the EI600CRF units.

Alarms from the Same Series
Model Number
Type of unit
Type of interconnection
Ei605TYCRF Optical Alarm Radio-interlinked
Ei603TYCRF Heat Alarm Radio-interlinked
Compatible Alarms
Model Number
Type of unit
Type of interconnection
Ei168RC/Ei161RC Ionisation Alarm Radio-interlinked using the Ei168RC base
Ei168RC/Ei164RC Heat Alarm Radio-interlinked using the Ei168RC base
Ei168RC/Ei166RC Optical Alarm Radio-interlinked using the Ei168RC base
Ei168RC/Ei2110 Multi Sensor Smoke & Heat Alarm Radio-interlinked using the Ei168RC base
Carbon Monoxide Alarms
Model Number
Type of unit
Type of interconnection
Ei208WRF Battery powered CO detector Radio-interlinked
Ei262 Mains powered CO detector Radio-interlinked
Ancillary Products
Model Number
Type of unit
Type of interconnection
Ei407 Wireless Manual Call Point Radio-interlinked
Ei411H Wireless Locate, Hush and Remote test switch Radio-interlinked
Ei412 Wireless Fire and CO Alarm Control Switch Radio-interlinked
Ei450 Wireless Fire and CO Alarm Controller Radio-interlinked

This is the technical data for the 9V Radio-Interlinked Smoke & Heat Alarms with Sealed Ten Year Lithium Battery - Ei600TYCRF Series.

Dimensions (HxDia) Heat (Alkaline Battery): 55x115mm
Heat (Lithium Battery): 55x115mm
Optical (Alkaline Battery): 45x115mm
Optical (Lithium Battery): 45x115mm
Battery Type Longlife Lithium
Sound Output 85dB (minimum) at 3m
Temperature Range 0°C to 40°C
Humidity Range 15% to 95% Relative Humidity

Technical Data Sheets

The following technical data sheets are available for this product:

Q. Please could you explain how the repeater function works on the Aico/Ei radio interlinked detectors.

A. Hello. The radioLINK repeater function allows the smoke alarm to "repeat" the radio frequency signal around obstructions. This stops the signal from becoming blocked and ensures that all interlinked alarms can be reached. This repeater function is built-in to the the Ei168RC radioLINK base (with Ei140, Ei160 or Ei2110 alarm), the Ei600 series of radio interlinked battery powered smoke and heat alarms as well as the Ei262 and Ei208WRF carbon monoxide alarms as standard. When house coded, the system works itself out which alarms are to act as repeaters - it's not something you set up yourself.

Q. Does this alarm conform to BS 5446 part 1 as recommended by the Fire Service?

A. This recommendation has been superseded by BS 14604:2005. All of our smoke and heat alarms conform to this standard in accordance with the Kitemark.

Q. Can the Ei600RF series be connected with a CO detector?

A. Yes, the Ei208WRF CO detector is suitable and we recommend that you also install a Ei412 locator switch to allow you to find out if an alarm was caused by CO gas or by a fire.

Q. What is the difference between Ei3100RF radio-interlinked smoke alarm series and the Ei600 series of radio-interlinked smoke alarms? Why does one cost much more than the other?

A. The EI600RF series are a later model and on top of all the features that the Ei3100RF offers, the series has the possibility to use the locate feature in the control switch, making the product more similar to a BS5839 part 6 Grade A alarm system. Additionally, the Ei600 series smoke alarms are offered with a true ten year life sealed lithium battery which makes the alarms acceptable in most circumstances as a BS5839 part 6 Grade D fire alarm system. This offers a substantial saving to customers, as it replaces the need for an electrician installing mains powered alarms.

Q. If the radio interlinking signal on one unit fails will the units still work as stand alone units.

A. Yes, should the radio interlinking signal fail the units will continue to sound independently should they detect a fire.

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Radio-Interlinked Optical Smoke Alarm - Ei605TYCRF
Product Code: EI605TYCRF
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£103.19 ex VAT

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Radio-Interlinked Heat Alarm - Ei603TYCRF
Product Code: EI603TYCRF
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Five stars for the product, even our building control inspector was surprised with how they worked. He is now looking to recommend this product for property's that previously would have needed to have mains powered versions fitted which would require rewiring.

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